Travel Month: July 2016

Friday, July 29, 2016



This summer has been flying by! July was packed with beach days and summer explorations. Because we've been traveling so much, I'm behind on destinations posts, but expect to see more about our Baltic road trip, Connecticut adventures, and more about our trips to Richmond, VA, Cape May, NJ, and Plymouth, MA.

 Just briefly, Richmond was a very cool city with incredible food. Shout out to Katrina from Thrifty Gypsy Travels for all of her great insight on the city and elsewhere we might like in the area. Easily my favorite part of Richmond was the Waterfront district. It was just so green from the parks and vibrant from the awesome street art.

Our week in Cape May with my parents was incredibly relaxing and full of beach days, reading, and dolphin spotting. It was incredibly rejuvenating to take a week off blogging and social media, and do minimal freelancing work. I'm happy to be back though!

We fly back to Vilnius in two days and I'm looking forward to spending the long summer days exploring the city and settling back into our apartment.



 My Olympus, which I has been using for blog photos and filming for the past few years, finally died on me, so I had to make an emergency Amazon purchase. After some persuading from J, I settled on the Nikon D3300, which I love so far. I'm not sure if you'll notice a difference in photo quality on the blog, but is exciting to have a new piece of equipment to play with. 

As I mentioned in last month's recap post, I wanted to take advantage of childcare offered by my family to have a productive summer. I am pretty happy with what I've been able to accomplish so far, but still have more planned for In Search Of, writing, and editing. Hopefully, you'll be seeing more updates around here soon!




Summers tend to be quiet in regards to editing, but that has given me a chance to write several articles for Trip101 and plan the next few months of blog posts. Below are the five articles I wrote for Trip101 this month:

Coming Next Month


I'm really excited about what the next several months will bring. It is almost the start of a new academic year, which for me, always signifies a new start. On In Search Of, I'll be sharing about our recent travels and hopefully will also be sharing a video from Cape May.

How was your July? What are you looking forward to for August?


  1. Cape May looks so wonderful for a summer family trip!

    1. I was pleasantly surprised by how relaxing and beautiful it was. The dolphins were especially exciting!

  2. Cape May looks wonderful! Very relaxing and pretty! That home is so ornate and the shell with the saying it is fun and cute. :) I'm glad you were able to relax a bit this summer. Hopefully by getting ahead, like you did, you will have more time for what matters to you even during your busiest times of the year!

    1. Thanks so much for the encouragement! Yes, Cape May is beautiful and was a great place to relax. Do you make big plans over the summer or do you try to take the time to relax with family?