Tediums of Visiting Home When You're an Expat

Friday, July 8, 2016

A lot of full-time travelers, expats, and digital nomads tout selling everything and quitting their jobs to travel the world. J and I did nothing of the sort and in many cases, I don't think it is necessary to do so (unless you really want to, then go for it). In fact, moving abroad has probably only acted to increase our "adulting." Though we don't have an apartment or own property in the States, we do own a car, pay taxes/insurance/bills, and receive mail. It also happens that all of these tedious adult tasks happen to fall over the summer while we are back State-side. In between frolicking at the beach, visiting family and friends, freelance work, and the general mayhem that comes with summer (is that only us?), we've got months of mail to sort and emissions tests.

Unfortunately, we don't escape these things -- especially the spam mail we receive -- but I've actually learned not to mind it. Well, that is unless I need to go to the DMV... What do you think?

What form of adulting remains for you when you visit home? If you've managed to avoid all of these tasks, how did you do it?

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