Polish Doughnut (Pączki) Guide: Warsaw, Poland

Friday, July 1, 2016

According to J, Poland is known for its fruit jelly or rose jelly filled doughnuts, called pączki, so we decided to wander through Warsaw in search of the best pączki Great idea, J! In case you'd like to re-create your own tasty doughnut adventure, I've created this list and map based on the places we scoped out -- such a difficult job, but someone has got to do it ;) There is even some photo evidence for you to drool over below.

After this in search of, I was very full and very 'pączki-ed out' ... trust me, it is possible to be sick of doughnuts and crave a salad instead! Because of this, I'd suggest pairing this self-guided walking tour with some heathy meals or even spreading it out over a number of days.

Cukiernia Pawłowicz

Chmielna 13, Warszawa, Poland

This hole in the wall shop was easily the best pączki of the bunch. There were numerous flavors to choose from and the doughnut was just so fresh, warm, and tasty. 

If you only have time to taste one pączki, this is your best bet.

Cukiernia Perełka

Graniczna, Warszawa, Poland

We stumbled across this tiny window selling doughnuts on our way to another bakery. While the outside of the doughnut was tasty, both J and I felt it was lacking enough filling. This pączki was filled with rose though, and I quite like rose filled sweets thanks to my time in China.

Pati Seria Cukiernia

Zielna (sort of near the Palace of Science and Culture near a park)

Another deliciously glazed Polish doughnut! The pączki at this pretty shop had more filling, but I wasn't a fan of the candied orange rind on top.


32 Ul. Chmielna

By this point in our self-guided tour, I was getting a bit sick of pączki and any dessert but yet again, J and I shared another doughnut. First off, I love the bright storefront at Lukullus (but it took me forever to figure out the actual name of this cafe!) and this rose filled doughnut was tasty.

Galieria Wypiekow

several locations

This delicious bakery chain was located near our AirBnB apartment. I tried their doughnut on a whim (for comparison purposes) and really enjoyed it. It wasn't quite as tasty as the doughnuts at Cukiernia Pawłowicz, but I'd put the doughnuts in a strong second place.

Also, their cream pastry (to the right of the doughnut) was incredible. They also had surprisingly great pizza.


Have you tried doughnuts in Poland? Where do you think has the best doughnuts? What filling would you opt for?

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