If You Only Have Time To Do 3 Things In Warsaw

Monday, July 11, 2016

Back in late April, I had a glorious week-long visit to Warsaw, Poland and was able to leisurely see a lot of the city. However, I have a feeling that for many, Warsaw is a quick stopping point. If you are only in Warsaw for a day or two, here are three things I'd suggest you squeeze into your schedule that don't involve eating.

3. Walk over a bridge for a great view of the city


To visit the Praga district (I thought it was over-rated FYI), I walked over both most Swietokrzyski (photos below) and the bridge on route 629 going from Old Town across the Vistula River. The views from both bridges was great and provides a different perspective for seeing Warsaw's skyline and old town.

2. University of Warsaw Roof Gardens on the Library


What a great use of green space to beautify an area! The gardens on the roof of the University of Warsaw Library were incredible. It was awesome to be able to walk onto the roof of the library and have a stunning green space to relax and take in the view of the city. Just look at that view of the Palace of Culture and Science in the fourth photo below!

1. Warsaw Uprising Museum


If you only have time to do one thing in Warsaw, you should visit the Warsaw Uprising Museum. This museum was incredibly informative and clearly illustrates Polish lives and the struggle, decimation, and hope during WWII. The profiles of specific historical heroes and villains were particularly interesting. There is even a full-sized plane, background noises, and lighting setting the scene.



Have you been to Warsaw? What are your top three things that you'd suggest people visit?


  1. That's my capital city and I was only in Warsaw Uprising Museum :))) How bad of me hihihi! Great idea of a garden on the roof, I like it. Next time I am in Poland, I will definitely revisit Warsaw.

    I invite you to visit my travel blog. I think you know it already, but it's been a long time I don't write :)


    1. You absolutely should visit the garden! The views are great and the setting is really calming.