Where To Eat + Drink in Warsaw, Poland

Monday, June 20, 2016

I really liked visiting Warsaw. Other than it being a very green city with numerous parks and gardens, another highlight was the fabulous food. We didn't even have one bad meal in Warsaw. The food was delicious everywhere we tried and I often wished that we could have eaten out for two meals a day rather than one (we usually did grocery store or simple take-out dinners to accommodate Baby ISO).



If you go to Poland, you have to eat pierogies. It's just as simple as that. Now, Zapiecek is not somewhere that I would have chosen to eat just by looking at it -- it is a very kitschy chain restaurant located in Warsaw's old town. However, this restaurant was suggested by Kami from Kami and the Rest of the World on Spotted by Locals. I trust Kami's travel advice, so we made this our first restaurant stop and I'm seriously glad we did.

J was obsessed with the pierogies filled with blueberries and topped with a slightly sweet cream and I loved the mug of hot borscht. We actually ate at Zapiecek twice and each type of pierogi we tried was delicious. I'd highly recommend eating here.


As usual, J and I craved some Asian cuisine and we were surprised by Thaisty. If you visit Thaisty, go straight ahead and order a filled bun (in the first photo below). It is on the appetizer menu, but easily could be a meal if you ordered two. It was SO good.

 Thaisty's website

Cafe & Bistro Galeria Sztuki

One day, J and I wandered over the bridge to the Praga district of Warsaw. I read several rave reviews of this area, but honestly, I was really underwhelmed. I'd almost go so far as to say that the only highlights from that area were the Galeria Stara Praga restaurant and St. Michael's Cathedral. Here, we both ordered the meal of the day, which was meat, carrot salad, and mashed potatoes. It was very simple and delicious and I really liked the sunny atmosphere of the restaurant.

 Galeria Sztuki's website

Bar Prasowy

Bar Prasowy was one of the most interesting places that we went in Warsaw. It was truly a highlight of the trip and if you visit Warsaw you should absolutely take the time to visit this or another milk bar. It was cool to order from the large, handwritten menu, and feel like we were in a huge cafeteria. There was everyone from students to business people in suits, so it seemed to be a truly local place.

The menu is only in Polish and the cashier only spoke Polish, so I'd suggest looking up a few of the dishes (on their online menu) before-hand. We wrote down a few key words and used this to decide what to order.

We ended up getting two types of pierogies and a cheese-filled pancake.



Ministerstwo Kawy

Rated as one of the best cafes in Warsaw, the Ministry of Coffee, was high on our visiting list. We stopped here after our filling meal at Bar Prasowy, so we weren't terribly hungry/thirsty, but we wanted to check it out anyways. I had been drinking too much coffee during this trip (working and traveling is difficult -- I don't know how digital nomads do it -- I'll write more on that later), so I opted for tea. J ordered a giant pot of coffee -- he didn't realize it was going to be so giant -- yet he said it was delicious. He had carrot cake (if I remember correctly) and I had a really delicious lemon pie.

Ministry of Coffee's website


We stopped for a small snack at Charlotte because it was really packed -- for me, that is usually a good sign. We only ordered a small sandwich and little cake and both things were pretty good. What we had wasn't the best thing we ate at, but it was great for something light.

Charlotte's website

Przystanek Piekarnia:

This cafe was right next to the remembrance of the bridge connecting the Large and Small Jewish Ghettos, so we popped in for a small bite to eat before exploring this area and subsequently visiting the Warsaw Uprising Museum. The interior of this cafe was really stunning (don't forget to look up)!

I had the delicious ball-shaped pastry below, which I think was made from dates. If you are in the area, this is a great cafe to stop into.

Pompon Cafe:

We arrived in Warsaw at about 6 am (due to the hour time change from Lithuania and our early flight) but couldn't check into our (not great) AirBnB apartment until 4 pm. Because of this, J and I planned ahead on dropping our luggage at the office for the AirBnB (our first clue that it wouldn't be great) and went on to find Pompon Cafe.

Traveling with a baby who crawls = walking for ~1 hour to reach a children's cafe. Oh what parents will do for a happy child (and a coffee). Really though, Pompon Cafe was great! This is a cafe specifically designed for families with babies through elementary school aged children. There was a designated play area for crawling and toddling children and another space for larger kids. There were numerous tables with highchairs and they even had baby food!

Pompon was really crowded the day we visited (a Saturday), so I'd suggest arriving early or you may need to wait for a table to free up.

Pompon's website

Galeria Wypiekow:

Last but certainly not least is this delicious cafe. Ordering here was rather intimidating because neither J nor I speak a lick of Polish and no one at this cafe spoke any English. Anyways, we managed with pointing and charades.

The food at this cafe was stupidly good. See that cake with thicker wafers on the top and cream in the middle? I could have eaten an entire sheet-pan full of it. It was that good.

They also had great donuts (which are a Polish specialty), tasty pizza, a savory snacks. We picked up food from here several times for dinner or dessert as it was very close to our (rather crappy ... I'm not going to write about it) AirBnB apartment.

Galeria Wypiekow's website

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What other restaurants and cafes would you suggest visiting in Warsaw?


  1. Warsaw is absolutely over-run with great eats! I found some amazing choices on my trip, but I'm looking forward to trying some of yours next time (and oh, I hope there'll be a next time!)

    1. What places did you love in Warsaw? I hope to return to Poland again as well and would love to note down some other great places to eat!

  2. I love Warsaw and visit the city at least once every year:) I love restaurants there, and my favourite is New Orleans. It is quite exclusive and elegant, but their food is amazing. The have great menu and you can even ask them to make you something special just for you! Definitely one of my favourite places to go out in Warsaw

    1. Thanks for the tip about the New Orleans Restaurant in Warsaw! I'll have to try it when I visit again :)

  3. Wow, really nice article:) I love Warsaw and it is such a great city for any foodie:) Every time I visit Poland I try to visit new places and get to know new flavors. Last time my husband took me to Akademia Restaurant and I still remember this place. It was very romantic and elegant but stil quite casual. And their food... Amazing, so delicious and unique. I loved the restaurant and I will go back there for sure.

    1. Thanks for the tip on Akademia Restaurant! I'd love to go back and spend more time in Warsaw as well as visit other parts of Poland. If I do, I'll make sure to look up Akademia!