Not Boring, Ugly, And Grey: Warsaw Travel Guide

Friday, June 17, 2016

When we were planning our trip to Warsaw, we heard from a lot of people that we should go to Krakow instead. Everyone suggested that Krakow was much prettier; hence, much more interesting for tourists. Though I've not been to Krakow, so I can't say how awesome it is, I can say that Warsaw is an awesome city. There was SO much to do and see, tons of green space, and excellent food.

Another thing that everyone said about Poland was that it was cheap, although I didn't think it was that much cheaper than Lithuania. Lithuanian colleagues said that they frequently visit Poland because it is nearby and fun. I can see why it is a popular place to visit and would absolutely like to go back.

Things to do and see in Warsaw:

Green Spaces: Warsaw was probably the greenest city I've visited. Trees lined every street and there were numerous parks. I loved the walking spaces along the rivers and the small parks and courtyards everywhere.

My favorite outdoor space was the rooftop garden at the Warsaw University Library. It was so well-tended and was very unique. I'd definitely recommend visiting on a sunny day when you have a few hours.

Another great outdoor space was the area in the photo below -- a walking path near the Vistula River.

And that isn't even it! There were little parks, courtyards, gardens, and playgrounds everywhere.

Old Town: What an amazing feat of reconstruction -- the Warsaw old town is really impressive, even more so that it was rebuilt from the ground up after it was complete destroyed during WWII. To me, this rebuilding shows the perseverance of Polish people.

Just look at those colorful buildings, cobblestone streets, large squares, and gorgeous churches. When the weather is warm, I bet that sitting out with some perogies and borscht would be a perfect accompaniment to people-watching.

History: Another awesome thing about Warsaw was the history that you could see and feel all around the city. Just walking along on what seems like any other city block, you'll see commemorative pavers and plaques marking where the walls for the Jewish Ghetto used to be. The Warsaw Tourism Board actually has a very informative section of their website with old photos and tons of information.

One of the most interesting things that we stumbled across in Warsaw was a memorial/stark reminder of the bridge that connected the Small Ghetto to the Large Ghetto. In the second and third photos below are permanent photo boxes that show slides of what that area looked like during WWII. You'll find this marker at ul. ChÅ‚odna (E-2). In Your Pocket also has a lot of information about this area on their site.

 Amazing architecture

Just look at the Palace of Culture and Science, which dominates Warsaw's skyline. To me, the top really looks like a Dalek's death ray ... any Doctor Who fans out there? Anyways, you can see the controversial Palace of Culture and Science from pretty much anywhere in the city.

I think my favorite building is the one from the last photo below.

What should I eat in Warsaw?

There was some seriously great food in Warsaw. I have another post planned to talk specifically about the food in Warsaw, but it was so tasty. If you want to read more about the food, check back here on Monday! Just to make your mouth water a bit, there were incredible perogies, borscht, and a plethora of donuts. We had feasts every day!

Shopping for Polish pottery in Warsaw


I know that Warsaw isn't the city known for its Polish pottery, but that doesn't mean you can't find it there. Boleslawiec on Ul. Prosta 2/14 had a huge selection of hand-painted pottery at great prices. They also have an online shop -- score!


Surprising details


All over the old town, I saw these little details. I just thought I'd share them here.

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Have you been to Warsaw? What did you think? Where else should I visit in the country?


  1. Your photos of Warsaw are lovely!

  2. Great post! Warsaw totally surpassed all of my expectations: so much to do, such lovely city, and great noms indeed!

    1. Thanks, Cynthia! I've got to visit Poland again. There is really so much to do and see. I'm thinking Krakow and maybe that pottery town?

  3. Looks nice- good inspiration!

    1. It is a really fun city to visit! Add it to your list :)

  4. I can say that Warsaw is an awesome city. There was SO much to do and see, tons of green space, and excellent food.

    1. I totally agree about Warsaw and would love to go back, especially in the summer! I really enjoyed everything I did and ate :)