Travel Month: June 2016

Monday, June 27, 2016



The beach in Jurmala, Latvia was stunning!

We took a week-long road trip through the Baltics with stops in Latvia, Estonia, and Finland. This was an awesome road trip with friends who came to visit us, although we had to make an emergency change in plans due to a sick Baby ISO. Over the summer, I'll be posting a lot more about this trip (in case you'd like to go on a similar friend road trip) and sharing several photo diaries.

The family and I just returned to Connecticut to spend a month and a half enjoying time with our families. We'll be doing numerous local adventures around New England and will also be relaxing at the beach -- I can't wait to take Baby ISO swimming!



I was a bit torn leaving Vilnius before travels and our long trip home. Several of our close friends are moving on to new expat homes or returning back to the US. I also felt rushed and sad about missing a summer with friends who are staying in Vilnius. It is really difficult to have your people spread out all over the world -- I keep telling myself that at least I have people that I can visit in so many different countries.
Summer in Connecticut will be awesome though. I'm already loving spending my time at the beach and having some actual summer weather after our frigid and rainy Baltic trip. It is also wonderful that Baby ISO will get to experience so many new things with his extended family and nearby friends!



After a crazy last week in Vilnius (loads of prep before travel) and a whirlwind trip through the Baltics, I'm finally catching up on work, blogging, and emails. Summer always feels like it should be a time for relaxation -- I write this as I look out of my window to the beach -- but this summer, I've set myself some steep goals for things I'd like to accomplish. Have you set goals for yourself over the summer, or are you trying to relax?

Here are a few articles that I've written outside of In Search Of:
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Coming next month 


Traveling with two babies and 4 adults requires A LOT of stuff


  •  Travel posts about Latvia, Estonia, and Helsinki
  • Connecticut travel guides
  • Relaxing in Connecticut
  • Road trip to RVA
  • Vacation on the New Jersey shoreline
  • Lots of family/friend time and good food

How was your June? What are your plans for July? Do you have any fun summer trips planned?


  1. It is hard... the more you meet and know people from so many different places. It's wonderful to have those friendships but so hard when everyone leaves! I struggle with this too, but in the end come to the same conclusions as you. Kind of fun to know you have friends all over the world :) Sounds like such a great month - how amazing that you all could go back to the US for so long this year!

    1. It is absolutely great to have friends all over the world. Did you have friends and colleagues leave this year as well?

      I'm really glad to be able to spend over a month in the US this year. I'm really glad that Baby ISO gets to spend time with family in the US -- it feels like a special treat since everything is so new!