Libraries With English Books In Vilnius

Friday, May 20, 2016

As part of my self-imposed book-buying ban, I've had to seek out libraries to borrow books from. With a bit of investigations, I've found several options, but I'll share my three favorites here. The following three libraries are open to the public and books can be checked out with a valid library card or membership.

A. Mickeviciaus Children's Library

I've been visiting this children's library nearly weekly with Baby ISO. They have a small selection of children's and young adult books in English (and Russian). In the children's section there is also a carpet, comfortable pillows, and several activity tables. This is a great library for children.

Visiting the library and using the facilities is free and open to the public. Checking out books requires a library card, which can be used at all public libraries throughout the country. To register for a library card, you need a passport or residence card and you'll be required to pay a small fee (when I registered it was around 10 Litas, I don't know what it is now that the prices are in Euros).

Find out more on their website. Visit the library at Traku g. 10 and enter through the courtyard behind the building. If you are visiting with a stroller the librarians will help you to bring the stroller inside.

Menu Spaustuve

For a great selection of English novels and books focused on art and dance, head to the library in Menu Spaustuve. Menu Spaustuve is a dance theatre with both children's and adult's performances -- we took Baby ISO to an interactive performance and it was great. Menu Spaustuve's library has a few small tables and shelves upon shelves of English books. It is my favorite library of the bunch.

Visiting the library and using the facilities is free. Checking out books, movies, or music requires a membership. Membership costs 6 Euros and is open to everyone. For more information, check their websiteMenu Spasustuve is located on Siltadarzio g. 6.

Vilnius University's Libraries

Vilnius University has two libraries that are open for public use (with purchase of a short-term or long-term user card. Non-Vilnius University visitors with a user-card can borrow non-fiction books, use the Wi-Fi, computers, and workspaces. The workspaces in the Central Library (Universiteto g. 3) are stunning, so despite the high registration fee, it may be worth it if you plan to work here often. I'll share more photos from inside the library soon.

Vilnius University's Central Library and Scholarly Communication and Information Center are both open to the public with a valid user card. You can find more information about registering for a user card here. For a long-term (12-month) user card, you must pay 17 Euro and register at the Information Desk.

Do you take advantage of public libraries where you live? What facilities are your favorite?


  1. ooh, I will have to check these out!

    1. Absolutely! If you find another option I'd love to hear it as well :)

  2. Have you found more YA books in English than adult fiction, I am finding that more and more in Sweden with newer releases which is fine as I do like them but sometimes I would like a book geared for adults as well.

    1. Menu Spastuve has mostly adult books and art focused topics. I'd guess that this is because it is associated with a dance school and they got many of their books from the British Embassy.

      The children's library has YA and children's books. I've not seen any adult novels there.

      The American Embassy in Vilnius has a small library as well, but I've never been as you can't sit and work there -- only check books out. Maybe they have more adult books? You could check the American Embassy where you are, but you have to leave all of your stuff with security when you arrive.

  3. There is another children's library on Gedimino near the parliament building with a large selection of English books for children. I was there several times when the library on Traku was closed for renovations. I asked about it today at the Children's library on Traku. They told me that the Gedimino branch is currently closed because it is expanding and moving locations. But it will reopen next week somewhere on Gedimino.

    1. I've walked by that library numerous times, but I've never gone in. I'll have to check it out when the reopen to see what it is like. We've read through pretty much all of the English books at the Traku library, so it will be nice to have a bit of a change!