Great Places To Eat In Luxembourg

Monday, May 2, 2016

Rather than save the best about Luxembourg for last, I thought I'd jump right into the most important thing -- the food! I was honestly blown away by the food choices in Luxembourg City. I didn't know what to expect because many of the blog entries that I read about Luxembourg all shared the same few restaurants and cafes -- I half expected those to be the only options! Luckily, my tastebuds were happy because there were a ton of other places to try.

Another thing I'd like to highlight about Luxembourg City is the sheer amount of ethnic foods that you can find, especially on the side of the river opposite the old part of the city. I'm talking hot pot (shabu shabu), Thai, Middle Eastern, Chinese grocery stores, and more. I was in heaven and in need of an extra stomach to be able to eat all the food.

Shout out to the Instagrammer @delicious_luxembourg for some of the great suggestions! If you are looking for other tips and up-to-date information about eating in Luxembourg you really should head over to @delicious_luxembourg for more.



Conveniently located on Place Guillaume, Beet is a healthy vegetarian and vegan restaurant. They try to prepare their foods with locally sourced, organic ingredients and have a wide menu that would please anyone from a meat-lover to a strict vegan.

Their interior space is large, white, and has a windowed front to allow you to people-watch the going-ons in the square. Perfect for tourists, although it seems like many locals eat here as well. They provide several highchairs incase you are dinning with a child and their bathroom (only the women's bathroom) has a changing table.

I had the goat cheese and beet salad and J tried the falafel sandwich with hummus. The meals were light and tasty, though not the most exhilarating vegetarian food I've ever had. I'd recommend this spot to enjoy a light meal in their outdoor seating space (too cold when we were there). They also serve beer, which helps to make the food a bit less healthy ;)

Konrad Cafe and Bar

On a less heavily trafficked road in the old town, you'll find Konrad Cafe and Bar. This was a really hip and cool spot full of mismatched couches with light menu of salads, sandwiches, desserts, and coffee. They also have a full bar and I bet it is a popular party spot at night. It also seems to be an expat hangout. I was here solo with Baby ISO and the staff kindly helped me to curb my stroller in a safe spot outside.

I'd been eating a ton of sweets, so I opted for a light salad. It was pretty tasty and I really liked the atmosphere. If you are looking for something different in Luxembourg, I'd suggest trying Konrad.

Dancing Noodles

On my day out with Baby ISO, I came across Dancing Noodles, located right in the old town. We had thought about walking to the other side of the river to pick up some Asian take-out for dinner, but instead decided to go for convenience and try out Dancing Noodles. Luckily this pulled noodle spot did not disappoint!

Though the noodles did not top our favorite pulled noodle place in Brussels, Dancing Noodles was delicious. I ordered spicy pork noodles for myself and mild chicken noodles for J. Our tastebuds were  incredibly happy with our flavorful bowls of noodles, which were carefully packaged for us to go.

If you are looking for something different and don't feel like walking to the other side of the bridge, I'd highly recommend Dancing Noodles.

Cafes and Sweets

Kathy's Deli and Cupcakes

If you are looking for some great sweets in Luxembourg, leave the old town and head over to Kathy's Cupcakes. The have delicious coffee, a wide selection of tea, and tons of delectable cupcakes to choose from. This was a great spot!

The Chocolate House 

I don't like to not recommend a place, generally I just don't share it if it didn't satisfy, but the Chocolate House was really disappointing. There was SO much hype around it on other blogs, but the cake we ordered was just not good. Sure the pieces are huge and there are a ton of options on offer, but the cake just wasn't tasty. It was a waste of calories in my opinion. If you do stop at the Chocolate House, opt for their hot chocolate, which was good, and skip the other sweets.


Located in the old town and the airport, Oberweis is a famous Luxembourgish bakery and patisserie. Feast your eyes on the gorgeous treats as you walk through the shop in old town on 16 Grand-Rue. Everything is absolutely beautiful and tastes delicious. I'd highly recommend stopping and trying at least one dessert from Oberweis. It is famous for a reason!!

We shared a matcha cake, eclair, and hazelnut nest dessert, which was special for Easter. I also purchased a ham sandwich from Oberweis and enjoyed it outdoors by the Musician's Band with Sheep Fountain.

Lea Linster

Another great recommendation from @delicious_luxembourg! Do yourself a favor and order a lot of madeleines from Lea Linster. I purchased half a dozen for us to eat for breakfast (we had a really early flight) and the only problem was that half a dozen wasn't enough! These madeleines were perfectly scrumptious and easily pop-able.

Knopes Artisan Coffee in the AM Garage

If you are looking for something a bit alternative and unknown in Luxembourg, head directly to AM Garage and grab a space at Knopes Artisan Coffee. The AM Garage is a converted mechanics warehouse that now houses several businesses including an organic grocery store, several pastry places, an Italian restaurant, and Knopes. I had a cappuccino and small treat. It was a cool place to hang out and the walk took me to a different part of the city. 

How do you find restaurant tips when traveling? Have you visited any of these?


  1. Mmmmmm - I have briefly been to Luxembourg City a long time back and I have to say I don't remember anything much apart from having a sunny lunch outside a cafe. So food seems a good theme to me, and some great tips! #citytripping

    1. A sunny lunch outside at a cafe sounds like a perfect memory of Luxembourg City. That is a lot of what our trip consisted of as well!

      Thanks for hosting #citytripping :)

  2. Oooh, they all look delicious... I like the look of the cupcake in particular. Great suggestions for people going to Luxembourg - I've never been but would love to visit. Thanks for linking to #citytripping

    1. If you do visit I'd love to know if you try any of these restaurants! The cupcakes were delicious!

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