Road Trips In Lithuania: Where To Rent A Car

Friday, May 27, 2016

For our road trip around Lithuania and our weekend trip to Druskininkai, we rented a car from AutoBanga in Vilnius. We were able to pick up a car from the convenient location near Hales Market, which is great as we didn't need to take a cab out to the airport, where most rental agencies are located.

Both times, we rented a Mazada 3 with full coverage (after reading this post from Overseas Escape, I will always get full coverage) and a GPS. It ran perfectly and was a great choice for both of our getaways (both longer and shorter). I would highly recommend renting from AutoBanga as the pick up and drop off was easy and renting the car online was simple.

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Have you rented a car before? Would you suggest it?


  1. Interesting... the Autobanga in Vilnius must be better than the one in Kaunas as every time I rent from them (3 or 4 times so far) there's always some sort of issue.

    Anyway... enjoying your blog as a fellow ex-pat living in Lithuania :)

    1. Bummer about your experience with Autobanga in Kaunas. We've rented with them in Vilnius several times now and our experience has always been positive.

      Welcome to Lithuania! How long have you been living here? Do you live in Kaunas?