Traveling Parents' Forum: Conclusions

Monday, April 18, 2016

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Traveling Parents' Forum!

As a new parent and a lover of travel, I was worried that having a baby would limit or completely stop us from traveling. Thanks to the fabulous advice of the moms who participated in this forum (and those of you who pinned other great posts), we've been enjoying traveling with a baby. We've also been sure to keep up our local explorations and now have the occasion to explore some kid-friendly venus in Vilnius.

Have you used any of the advice we share in these posts? Do you think traveling with children is possible, fun, and worth it?

If you've missed any of the posts, or are looking for advice about traveling with children, all of the posts are listed below.

My favorite posts from this series are Moving or Living Abroad with your Child and Flying with a Baby or Child. Both really had great advice from some very experienced mothers! My main takeaways from the entire series are:

1) It is possible and fun to travel and live abroad with children of any age

2) Planning ahead and being prepared are important for making travel smoother

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Thank you again for participating, Frankie, Angie, Roshan, Emma, Keri, Amy, Andrea, and Marianne!

What else would you like to read about in regards to traveling with a child?


  1. As an expat who is exploring the idea of starting a family abroad, I personally loved this series and definitely will be back to revisit these great posts!

    1. Hi Cynthia, thanks for sharing that! It made my day! If you ever have questions, feel free to email me. So far, it has been a blast traveling with Baby ISO and life in Vilnius with a baby only has a few minor hitches, but the good far outweighs everything.

  2. Thanks for letting me a part of the Forum. Hope you continue to enjoy traveling with your little one.

    1. Hi, Roshan! It was great to have you. We have several upcoming travel plans and completely intend to keep going :)