Awesome Street Art + Other Fun Things In Madrid

Friday, April 8, 2016

To be honest, I've had a hard time writing about Madrid! I loved the city, yet we really didn't make any plans and took it as more of a relaxing/working trip. We did see some miscellaneous sites around the city, ate at some interesting places, and drank loads of coffee to wash down our sweets. Instead of writing about these places, because I'm really lost for words about this city (!), I thought I'd share photos instead.

Sweet Treats

Temple of Debod

Awesome Street Art

How do you feel about photo heavy posts?


  1. Ah! Love this post. We loved Madrid! It's such a lovely read it as... totally didn't get to see enough street art though! :-(

    Lloyd & Yaya xx

    1. Thanks guys! It is such a fun city with so much to do. We definitely want to go back.