How To Streamline Trip Planning

Friday, March 18, 2016

With juggling childcare responsibilities and picking up more freelance proofreading work I've had little time to plan trips. Rather than spending hours and hours pouring over post after post, I've had to stremline resources to just a few. I love looking up new destinations and coming up with ideas of what to do, see, and eat, so I haven't wanted to forgo research completely; I've just needed to streamline things. If you also happen to have your attention torn between too many responsibilities (which I think tends to be the case among Millennials) and perhaps you also need to free up some time (so you can spend it side-hustling to fund your next adventure), this post is for you.

These are the resources that I've frequented when planning the past several trips that I've taken ...

1) Talking to people. This one is pretty straightforward. I seek advice from friends and family who've visited a destination.

2) Strategic blog reading. As I mentioned above, gone are the days when I could read every post showing up in my Bloglovin' feed (oh how I wish I could have an hour to read blogs each day!) and scour the web for any relevant post about where I was visiting. As much as I'd love to read every post, I just don't have the time or energy right now. So, I look at blogs whose author's happen to be living wherever I'm visiting.

My upcoming travel plans are listed on my About page ... Druskininkai, LT is next :)

3) Travel-focused websites. My go-to websites are Trip101 and Spotted By Locals. I see if Spotted By Locals has covered whatever city I'm planning on visiting, and note down any places that I think might be cool. Since I do a lot of work for Trip101, I often read and edit awesome articles on destinations that I'm visiting in the near future. It is also easy to search for articles written about a particular destination.

4) Save time booking. To get to know an area better I love to look for walking tours, food tours, or meals with BookALokal. To do this, I head directly to Google to look up walking and food tours. I also head straight to the BookALokal website to see if there is anything of interest in the city I'm visiting.

5) Social media. On Twitter I ask around for great blog posts and resources. I look for and save articles on Pinterest, and I look to Instagrammers for cool recommendations (I've found Instagram especially great for food recommendations).

Let's connect via social media if we aren't already :)

I'm curious, what resources do you use when planning a trip? On average, how long do you spend looking up information for each trip?

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