Memories From Madrid

Monday, March 14, 2016

I'm especially easy to please when traveling. Give me some delicious food, pretty scenery, and a cup of coffee and I'm good to go. Madrid easily went above and beyond on the food, scenery (those blue skies, that great architecture!), and coffee and decided to throw into the mix some awesome vintage shopping, great street art, and animated people. Madrid was a really fun city to visit and is certainly somewhere I hope to re-visit in the future.

To keep my memories from this relaxed trip fresh in my mind, I'm sharing a few vignettes that made this trip a stand-out. Also, when Baby ISO is a teen and complains that we never take him anywhere cool I can show him this post (and the photos of him sleeping in his stroller)!

After arriving and settling into to our AirBnB via the metro we went out into Madrid's evening to hit the local grocery story and bakery. We found a small grocery store where we picked up frozen prepared meals, cheese, ham, and ice cream (because dinners out with a baby are not so glamorous). Next up was a bakery where we got some croissants and crusty bread, and a small fruit stand where we purchased a paper cone full of huge strawberries. Simply strolling about our temporary neighborhood and picking up some groceries was a great first experience in Madrid. After putting Baby ISO to sleep, J and I had a picnic of our frozen dinners and the delicious ice cream balls that we picked up from the store.

Our meal with Marta from BookALokal was another highlight of our trip. The meal she cooked was delicious (especially the dessert) and she was so interesting to chat with. I really enjoyed learning about what life is like in Madrid from a Madrid native.

The vintage shopping in Madrid was unexpectedly exciting. There were numerous stores jammed with great finds (see this coming Friday's post for details) and fun artsy districts that I enjoyed walking around. J and I alternated between going into stores and walking with Baby ISO (the stores were not so stroller-friendly).

After our BookALokal meal with Marta we walked back to our AirBnB through Retiro Park. As we haven't seen the sun all winter here in Lithuania, the sunny weather was appreciated. We even posed for our typical family selfie in the park.

What are your favorite memories from your most recent trip?

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