Preparing For A Trip To Luxembourg City

Monday, March 7, 2016

This week we are heading to Luxembourg, a country I've wanted to visit since Mme. Casey (my French teacher in high school and French student teacher in middle school) first introduced my middle school French class to her home country. Over the past few weeks, I've taken all of my spare moments to look up things to do on this trip. Here are the resources (all blogs this time!) that have helped me to get an idea of things to do and places to eat in Luxembourg.

This foodie post from the Wayfarer has me dreaming of delicious cakes and unique restaurants.

This delicious food guide from Heather and Her Travels highlights food markets as well as some special things to see in Luxembourg City. I'm definitely going to visit the Saturday vegetable market.

This complete city guide from the Travel Tester has a ton of information about the city. I'm interested in visiting the casemates, but I think we'll have to curb our stroller for that one!

Hand Luggage Only blog also has several posts about Luxembourg with tons of glorious photos.

Do you have any tips for our trip in Luxembourg? I've you've visited feel free to share your posts below! Also, I'll be changing my schedule to Monday and Friday posting because writing three days per week is getting difficult to keep up with!