A BookALokal Experience In Madrid

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

J and I loved our meal and evening with BookALokal in Athens, so of course we wanted to try it again in another city. Madrid seemed like the perfect city to try another delicious eating experience with BookALokal. After having a quick look over their website, I found the three course lunch menu with Marta and promptly booked it.

Marta quickly responded to our booking request and we were scheduled our lunch for noon on Friday. We left our AirBnB reasonably early that day and strolled by Retiro Park and to Marta's neighborhood.

Upon arrival, we texted Marta and she promptly let us up to her flat. We were warmly welcomed into the flat and Marta was friendly and kind from the beginning. Her youngest son even played with Baby ISO while we ate.

Marta started us off with some delicious cheese, cured ham, and other traditional snacks (such as fried pork rinds). We were then offered wine or beer, and were invited to learn about the cocido madrilleno (a hearty dish of chickpeas with meat, vegetables, and broth) and see the ingredients before the dish was assembled. The cocido madrilleno was really delicious, and I especially loved the rich, meaty-flavored broth. I also enjoyed that you could pick and choose whatever pieces of the meal you wanted to eat and mix it all together to create your own unique dish according to your taste. Of course, I tried it all, and it was all delicious! For dessert, we tried Spanish torrijas, which somewhat similar to French toast (but even more decadent!). Spanish torrijas is a special dessert that is eaten all over Spain during Easter. I loved this dessert! If you like French toast, you should try Spainish torrijas!

Marta's lunch was the highlight of our Madrid trip for me. We really had an enjoyable several hours eating with Marta and learning a bit about Madrid from a Madrid local. If you happen to visit Madrid, I'd highly recommend booking a meal (or tour of her olive farm) with Marta via BookALokal.

Have you tried BookALokal? Have you eaten Spainsh torrijas before?


  1. This whole phenomenon is so intriguing to me, and it sounds like you've had two great experiences thus far! Must try it in the near future...

    1. Do they have any options for BookALokal in Prague? It really is a fun way to meet locals and to eat delicious food. I'd really recommend it!