Shopping in Vilnius

Friday, February 19, 2016

I've written about local shopping in Vilnius previously, but had the chance to re-visit favorite stores and check out new shops while my parents were here (my sister and I always have fun window shopping together). Here are some of my sister's and my favorites!

Small Businesses

Aukso Avis (Golden Sheep) - Probably one of my favorite stores in Vilnius. Aukso Avis sells beautiful jewelry and great gifts, all from Lithuanian designers. Pilies g. 38

Officina in Uzupis - This tiny store sells gorgeous handmade shoes from small Portugese designers. Uzupio g. ~15 (I think that is the number)

Uzupis Designer Store - This store sells a selection of women's, men's, and children's clothes and accessories from local designers. Uzupio g. ~27 (sorry I don't know the name!) (March 2017 update: closed)

Moustache Boutique - This pricier shop that carries Lithuanian designers that are typically quite difficult to find. L. Stuokos-Guceviciaus g. 3 (March 2017 update: closed)

Linen Tales - Linen Tales has gorgeous linen items with beautifully unique patterns. Stikliu g. 4-1

Ethno Store - As you'd suspect by the name, the Ethno Store sells more traditional handicrafts including black pottery, music, and gorgeous pillow cases with Lithuanian designs. S. Skapo g. 3

Kitokie daiktai - This awesome clothing store is run by the designer. Here you will find unique dresses perfectly tailored dresses in a variety of sizes. FYI the store only takes cash so come prepared! The clothing items average between 50 to 100 Euro. Sv. Stepono 7

Decolte - This shop typically sells clothes designed by small designers including Lithuanian designers. Stikliu g. 6

Tiulio feja - Everytime I walk past this store I can't help but slow down and take a long look in the window. They have dresses that look like they were made for the most whimsical of dressers. Before we move away from Vilnius I will certainly be trying on at least one of their dresses. (I think that is the name of the store, but the font is tricky to read). Vokieciu g. 4 (March 2017 update: closed)

Second Hand and Vintage

Expect woolen sweaters and unique pieces amongt cheaper trendy clothes. Overall, you'll find pieces for men, women, and children for inexpensive prices.

Sakra - sells second hand homeware, clothes, and accessories for men and women. They also have a rack in the front of the store thayt sells more expensive clothes from small lithuanian designers. This is my favorite place to look for vintage clothing in Vilnius as it isn't as overwhelming as the stores below. Sv. Mykolo g. 4

Humana - Humana is a very common second hand store that is common all around Vilnius.

50 - I'm not sure of the exact name of this second hand store because of their difficult to read font, but you'll see it all arou d Vilnius. The shop on Mindaugo across the street from Maxima has a large section for babies and children. I was able to pick up a stroller blanket sack for 9 euros.

Is there anywhere else in Vilnius that you like to shop?


  1. I lived in Vilnius my whole life until I turned 19! You put together a really rood roundup of all the best places to shop! xo

    1. Thanks, Rasa! I know there are some stores I'm missing, but I tried to give an overview.

      It's great to connect with a Lithuanian blogger :)

  2. So much looking forward to discover all this!

    1. I think you are going to have fun!! There is a lot to do here.