Preparing for A Trip To Madrid

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Today we are off to soak in the Spanish sunshine in Madrid! I always like putting together these posts as it helps me to sit down, gather some resources, and make a loose plan for our upcoming trips. This is even more important now that I have limited time to spend on trip planning (the days of pouring over blog after blog are temporarily on hold). These are the resources that I've been glued to for this trip prep:

J and I loved our experience with BookALokal in Athens, and we've been wanting to try another ever since. So, after a quick perusal of their website I booked us a delicious sounding three course meal in Madrid. I'm really looking forward to it!

I've been doing a ton of work for Trip101, and have had the pleasure to review several awesome articles about Madrid. I've certainly made a couple of notes for our trip from those articles. I'm thinking many trips to Retiro Park are necessary as is z visit to see the - building. We'll also have to try - for chocolate and churros.

When we travel we usually look for cool cafes or bookstores. Naked Madrid shares a ton of cool sounding places, as well as provides extra information about great restaurants and bars. I'm sure we'll be visiting at least one of their suggestions, though the posts haven't been updated in a while, so I'll be checking to make sure places are open first.

I've also been reading every Madrid post on the blog Oh hello, Spain by Kate who is an expat living in Madrid. She has some great suggestions for where to eat and what to do in the city.

Do you have any tips for Madrid? Feel free to share your posts below; I'd love to read them!


  1. Hello Elisabeth, I've been to Madrid about 10 years ago with my best friend and had a fantastic time. I really loved the Prado Museum (lots of Goya and Velazquez) and the Reina Sofia Museum (where Picasso's Gernica is). I hope you have a great trip. On a different note, I sent you an email but it bounced back. Would you have another way for me to contact you by any chance? Thanks!

    1. Hi Blandine, I just answered your Facebook message but if you have more questions I'm available via email

      We are having a great time in Madrid so far. I'm bummed that today is our last day to wander around (we fly very early tomorrow)!

  2. I've always wanted to go to Madrid (or just Spain in general). I'm excited to see your posts about it!

    Only Passionately Curious

    1. Madrid was a great city! I hope that you get the chance to travel there one day. I'll be sharing photos soon :)