Month by Month: Events in Vilnius

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

When planning your visit to Lithuania you may want to consider having your trip coincide with one of the awesome festivals, holidays, or annual events that takes place here. To make it easier for your trip planning (or for those of you who live here - planning for local wanders) I've made a month by month guide of as many yearly events and holidays that I could think of. Also, if you are looking for information on events that may not be recurring, sign up for my newsletter and get a monthly currated guide to Vilnius events. Basically, I search the web and posters on the streets for fun things to do around the city and send it to your inboxes each month!

Below is a monthly guide of recurring events that you'll find in Vilnius each year. Note that some events are based on the date for Easter each year, so the months may vary.

January: January 1st is National Flag Day. In Vilnius you'll see a sea of red, green, and yellow.

February: Shrovetide (Depending on the date of Easter) or Uzgavenes is a merry celebration with sweets, pranks, and masks. Celebrations culminate with the burning of an effigy that is meant to burn away winter. Restoration of State Day (February 16), which is a celebration of Lithuania's independence from Germany in 1918.

March: Vilnius hosts many street festivals throughout the year, but the Kaziukas Festival (Usually on the week nearest to March 4th) is easily the best festival of the year.

April: Uzupis Independence Day is on April 1st and is celebrated with music and a fountain of beer. Cross the river into the republic and get a passport stamp on this day only.

May: Open Kitchen is a weekly outdoor food festival that usually begins in May (though it depends on the weather and may begin in June).

June: On the 24th of June, celebrate the longest day of the year - St. John's Day.

July: July 6th celebrates coronation of first king of Lithuania (King Mindaugas).

August: In August you can check out the yearly Street Art Festival, or attend the Bernardine Festival, which is an outdoor festival that highlights handicrafts and music. On the 23rd of August remember the Baltic Way, which was a human chain through the Baltics in protest of occupation by the Soviet Union (read more here).

September: Celebrate the Autumn Equinox with a festival of lights on the Neris River in Vilnius.

October: Does the fall weather make you feeling thirsty for some beer? Are you new to Vilnius and interested in seeing the city and finding some cool bars? Then the Beer Marathon is what you must attend this month. Also this month is the Coffee Conference, held by Crooked Nose and Coffee Stories, is an informative conference that draws speakers from all over the world.

November: One of the best cultural experiences I've had in Vilnius was going to a cemetery on November 1st for All Saints Day. Visit any cemetery on the evening of November 1st to see candles light up the night. Also this month is the Vilnius Gastronomic Festival, which was an excellent event in 2015 and I'm looking forward to trying different participating restaurants in November 2016.

December: All of December has excellent Christmas events in Vilnius.

You can find more information on holidays and events here and here.

What events are you most interested in experiencing? What holidays and events does your country celebrate?


  1. Great post - I'm curious, do you know anything about the Vilnius Marathon in September? We missed it by about a week when we were there and would be keen on running it if we were back in the area. Any insights? Is it a popular event? Many people?

    Thanks! :)

    1. Hi Nick, Yes it is a very popular event! In nicer weather months there are actually a lot of marathons that take place in Vilnius and see you running through old town. J ran in one held by Nike (I think) last April or May and was able to choose between several different distances.

      Here is a link to the marathon if you are thinking of signing up!

  2. Hey Elizabeth! Great posts. I just got back from Lithuania and I've loved reading your blog. I'm getting so many ideas for my next trip! One thing though - I'm not sure if they recently changed the rules but I got my passport stamped in Uzupis this month so I think you can get it stamped anytime.

    1. Hi! Someone actually told me the same thing recently. I think if you do it in the Uzupis store it is okay vs on Uzupis Independence Day. How did you like Lithuania?