Restaurants in Vilnius: February 2016

Friday, February 5, 2016

I've written about restaurants in Vilnius a ton of times (here, here, here, and here), but there always seems to be somewhere else to try! Several new restaurants have been popping up around Vilnius and we've recently enjoyed lunch out at some great spots.

Also, if you happen to be in Vilnius on Thursday, February 11 and you enjoy eating out, you should look up tickets for the Gastro Walk. The Gastro Walk sounds like an incredible event where you walk at your leisure to visit 8 different restaurants on one of three walking routes. I'll be participating in this awesome event and will let you know how it is!


Dublis is a gorgeous space that surprised me with its creative dishes and bold flavors. The bread basket was fabulous and was full of beet-flavored bread. J had scallops for a starter and said that they were cooked perfectly. I had ravioli with cream sauce and it was simple and delicious. The dessert was the most memorable part of the meal. (Traku g. 14)

Gusto Byline

This is a relaxed chain restaurant that is great for kids as there is just so much to look at inside. From the teacup lights to the little doorways in the stairs, it is a wonderland. Expect a cheap, filling meal of pancakes, pancakes, and more pancakes. Here, the selection of pancakes is gigantic - they even have gluten free options and American style (fluffy) pancakes. (Ausro Varu g. and in the train station)

Lauro Lapas

We visited Lauro Lapas a bit before their dinner opening time, but they accommodated us anywyas. We also had the nicest waitress ever, which is certainly something to note in Lithuania, where you don't always have great service. The meal started with homemade bread and delicious whipped tomato butter. I certainly love a good bread basket. This was followed by our mains - fish, polenta, and a fennel salad for me and lamb with potatoes for J. Both of our meals were delicious. For dessert we had pistacio cake and pannacotta. Of the two, I prefered the pannacotta because it had a delicious sweet and sour flavor. An all round great meal with excellent service.

I'm also dying to try Sweet Root and Ertilo Namai. Do you have any other suggestions for where to try in Vilnius? Do you have a list of restaurants you'd like to try where you live?

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