Creative Lithuania: Vilnius Art Academy Public Events

Friday, December 11, 2015

Sometimes living in Lithuania can be a challenge (oh those dark winter days!), so I wanted to focus on forgetting about the challenges and enjoying the positives. To do so, I've started a monthly post (the second Friday of each month) that features the more creative side of Lithuania. In previous posts I've written about Uzupis, which is truly a creative mecca. For this series I wanted to focus on creative events, unique aspects of the culture or language, and cool places that I find around Lithuania. Previously I've written aboutOpen Kitchen, the Beer Marathon, a Cat Cafe, the Lithuanian Design BlockPottery ClassCoffee Enthusiasm, A book fair, and a felting class.  If you have any suggestions of things to check out I'd love to hear them!

If you would like to participate in sharing creative things about where you live, tag your photos on Instagram or tweets on Twitter with #CreativeLithuania or #CreativeLocale. I'd love to see the creative side of every country! I'll share my favorite tweets and photos each month on social media and here on the blog.

Over the past couple of months I've been loving the Vilnius Art Academy (Vilnius Dailies Academija). When walking Baby ISO in his stroller we always stop by their outdoor art exhibit to check out the rotating pottery exhibits. We also head inside to their Titanikas Gallery (free entrance!) to check out whatever is currently on exhibit. So, for the Creative Lithuania post this month, I thought why not make this the focus.

Outdoor Expo

The Vilnius Academy of Arts Outdoor Expo exhibits ceramics in front of the VDA Ceramics Creativity Center. Over the past few months the Outdoor Expo has shown pieces from seven contemporary Latvian ceramicists. I loved the intricate work by Inesa Brants (see photos 3-7 below - the top 2 photos are of an earlier exhibit by Mo Ceramics).

Indoor Shows

The Titanikus Gallery, on Marionio g. 6, shows work from both students and professional artists. Stop by monthly to check out their new exhibits (open Tuesday through Saturday). The current exhibition is by the Lithuanian artists Audrius Naujokaitis and is titled "virs Bermudu trikampio." The pieces in this exhibit looked to me like they were painted in a very Central American or Caribbean style (I'm not expert, so don't quote me!). Some of the pieces were a bit creepy!

The photos below were of an ...interesting... exhibit located inside the lobby of VDA.

Japanese-Baltic Design Fair

Back in late October, the VDA hosted a Japanese-Baltic Design Fair to show the contrasting, yet collaboratory designs of Eastern and Western artists. I stopped by the Design Fair and was impressed by the simplicity of the Japanese designs. I loved it (especially the fish shirt pictured below). For more information visit their website.

Do you take advantage of shows and events at art schools?


  1. I love art and everything looks so beautiful. I like white dishes the most, nice design :)


    1. The white dishes were awesome - and they were made from paper (or bamboo - I can't remember).