Sand Dunes at Golden Hour

Monday, December 14, 2015

visiting the sand dunes in Nida, Lithuania at Golden Hour

Baby ISO was have a wicked witching hour (more like several hours) during or time in Nida, Lithuania. So, what were we to do? Take advantage of that rental car to use its magic of putting babies to sleep and go in search of sand dunes. By the time we arrived at the sand dunes (we had made a wrong turn and ended up at the Kaliningrad border!), Baby ISO was fast asleep and golden hour was upon us.

The views of the dunes and the water in this light were perfect! I couldn't get over our timing and was so glad to have gotten out of our accommodations (and to have gotten the screaming Baby ISO to sleep). Though the views at this time were gorgeous, I'd love to go back to visit the dunes in Nida during the summer, so that we could take more time to explore. I bet the flora in the summer would also be SO incredible (warning botany nerd!). Have you been to Nida in the summer? What should I expect?

Have you photographed during golden hour before? Isn't it lovely lighting?