A Weekend in Frankfurt

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

I really enjoyed our recent weekend escape to Frankfurt, Germany. For the most part we stayed pretty close to our hotel near the Innenstadt and Altstadt neighborhoods, but we found some awesome things in that area. Basically, this trip could be summed up with wandering the Christmas markets, eating a ton of cake, laughing at the stores having Black Friday sales...but opening at 11 am, and marveling at the diversity (I always forget how white Lithuania is until I leave).

Also, it was our first flight with Baby ISO. He slept for most of the transit time, yes! (check out below if you are looking for information about getting from Frankfurt Hahn to Frankfurt Main) Now to tackle that long flight back to the US.

One of the highlights of this trip was seeing the cool combination of old and new that is Frankfurt. Seeing the contrast of skyscrapers with medieval buildings was just cool. Also, the night that we arrived, J picked up some really excellent Thai food from right down the street from our hotel. Oh, I love Thai food (well, pretty much any Asian cuisine actually)!

Getting to Frankfurt Am Main from the Frankfurt Hahn Airport

We booked CHEAP flights from Vilnius to Frankfurt Hahn, but didn't realize that this airport was SO far away from Frankfurt Main. We even thought about canceling our trip because taking a 2 hr flight followed by a 2 hr bus ride seemed daunting with a 3.5 mo old. Luckily, both J and I thought - 'who are we kidding - we've got this!'

In case you are doing the same (with our without a kid) I thought I'd give a bit of information. The bus to get to Frankfurt Am Main takes about 2 hours and costs 15 euro each way per person. Leaving from the Frankfurt Hahn Airport the bus leaves outside of the departures area (you'll see a small ticket booth with a long line). The bus seems to leave once an hour during the day; however, sometimes it fills up so you have to wait for the next bus. Get there early if you can (on both legs of the trip!). The bus arrives at the Frankfurt Am Main train station. When heading back to Frankfurt Hahn Airport ask the Tourist Information Desk inside of the train station for the location of the bus (I'm not sure I could even attempt to explain where it is - sorry!).

Have you been to Frankfurt? What'd you think? Next post I'm going to share my favorite places that we went to in Frankfurt, so stay tuned!

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