16 Reasons to Visit Lithuania in 2016

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

So far, J and I only have two solid travel plans for 2016 (Luxembourg in March and the US during the summer). We've still got several more plans to make, but we tend to be last minute planners, as we have the luxury of knowing our set vacation times in advance. Maybe, like us, you don't yet have plans for 2016 travel. Or maybe you are still choosing among several destinations. Let's throw another in the mix, shall we, because you should absolutely put Lithuania on your travel itinerary for 2016.

1) See the sunset over the dunes on the Curonian Spit, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The way the sun makes the dunes glow red is magical.

2) Relax at a spa in the resort town of Druskininkai. This is SO on my must-do list for 2016!

3) Explore the Hill of Witches. The Hill of Witches is located in the village of Juodkrante on the Curonian Spit. It's such an interesting place to go if you are interested in folklore or if you just like walking in nature.

4) Taste single origin coffee at a coffee tasting led by Crooked Nose and Coffee Stories or No Sugar Cafe. J and I did a coffee tasting at Crooked Nose two years ago. It was awesome and now that they are in their new location I bet it is even better!

5) See the Northern Lights. Did you know that you can see the Northern Lights in Lithuania? I didn't. Luckily, Instagram educated me and now every trip that we take up north I hope to see them!

6) Put a cross on the Hill of Crosses in Siauliai. The Hill of Crosses just completely blew my mind. The crosses were dripping off each other.

7) Take a balloon ride over Vilnius. This is on my list of things to try this spring. Who's with me?!

8) Eat kibinai, cepellinai, and saltibarsciai at one of the many delicious Lithuania restaurants. Lithuanian food is hearty and delicious - forget your diet!

9) Make Lithuanian black pottery or felt slippers. You guys know that I love my crafting classes, especially as a way to learn more about a country. During your visit in Lithuania take pottery or spend an afternoon making your own pair of felt slippers.

10) Swim in the Baltic Sea. The Baltic Sea is frigid, yet refreshing. Take a swim or dip your feet in.

11) Experience culture at an outdoor fair. I LOVE Lithuania's outdoor fairs. They are the best place to shop for souvenirs and see the gorgeous Lithuanian traditional dress. My favorite festival is St. Casmir's.

12) Take a self-guided street art walk around Vilnius. Find a guide and map here!

13) Learn about the tumultuous Lithuanian history at the Museum of Genocide Victims. This is the only museum in Lithuania that I think is not to be missed. The displays are informative, yet avoid being too graphic. Keep in mind the basement jail might be too much for children.

14) Shop local designers and small businesses at art fairs or in their shops. Some of my favorite local businesses can be found around the Egg Statue on Sv. Stepono g., in Uzupis, or on Stikliu g. Stay tuned for a local shopping guide!

15) Kayak the Neris River. This is a great way to see Vilnius from a different perspective! More information here.

16) Eat lunch overlooking a 13th century fair tale castle in Trakai. If you only have a few days in Lithuania make one of your stops Trakai. It is just a short train (or bus) trip from Vilnius.

There are so many more things I can add to this list (e.g., visit the Honey Museum, or one of the many national parks, or spend All Saints Day at a graveyard, or do a beer marathon, or walk the canopy bridge...) What do you think? Is Lithuania on your list?

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  1. I can not wait to get to Vilnius in 2016! I am planning a trip through the Baltics in May! Let me know if you are around...I would love to meet up xo

    1. I'm excited to hear that you will be visiting the Baltics!! I'll be in Vilnius in May and would love to meet up for coffee or sight seeing. Email me when it gets closer and we can chat! The weather should be getting warm by then as well :)

  2. We lived two years in Estonia, so had quite a good chance to explore the Baltics. These countries have much much more to offer than it might seem, so glad travellers appreciate this area! :)

    1. The Baltics are such fun to explore! I've been living in Vilnius for about 3 years now and I really enjoy it!

      Did you live in Tallinn?

  3. We lived in Narva with the view on Russia. That was something particular, but still very cool!

    1. How cool! I've not been to Narva before. I'm hoping to have the chance to see more of Estonia soon :)

  4. We will move to Vilnius in April, can't wait to explore the city, as well as Lithuania and the Baltics!
    Your blog will definitely be one of our guides :)

    1. You will find a ton of things to do in Lithuania as well as all round the Baltics! I'm sure you will enjoy living here. Good luck with the move!