Where To Eat in Klaipeda, Lithuania

Monday, November 16, 2015

klaipeda lithuania an inexpensive family travel destination

Klaipeda the third largest city in Lithuania is a budding foodie destination that is perfect for affordable family locations. I loved our recent trip to Klaipeda and J and I are even talking about spending another weekend there in the summer. One of the many reasons we like Klaipeda are the affordable, yet delicious restaurants that dot the city.


The Belgian restaurant, Rene, which has another branch in Vilnius, is simply delicious. While looking for a lunch spot, J and I were having our usual problem that everything was closed on Monday's. We had almost settled on grabbing some groceries from the local Iki to cook in our AirBnB, but luckily a last minute spotting of Rene saved us. We arrived at Rene at an off hour (look at all those empty seats!), which was perfect because Baby ISO was a bit cranky after a long day of sightseeing.

J ordered a creamy meat soup as a starter and absolutely loved it. Both of us ordered Rene's delicious ribs and shared the different flavors (short and spicy vs. long and sweet). I definitely licked my fingers after eating them!

Our waitress at Rene was so sweet. Baby ISO had a small meltdown at one point during the meal, but our waitress was kind as could be. We were also the only customers, which made us not feel as though we needed to get our food to go and bolt out the door with our fussing baby.

Where to eat in Klaipeda, Lithuania

Eat delicious ribs at Rene restaurant in Klaipeda Lithuania

Momo Grill

The TripAdvisor reviews for Momo Grill were all glowing, so J and I had high expectations for our meal. The Momo Grill did its reviews justice! Our meals were delicious, the interior was beautiful, and the waitstaff were very helpful. Quickly after we sat down we were given a paper bag full of bread with a delicious spread. The bread basket is easily one of my favorite parts of any restaurant experience (that and dessert), and the spread here was a standout.

J ordered steak with rosemary potatoes and I ordered duck and potatoes au gratin. Duck can easily be cooked poorly, but my meal was cooked perfectly, the meat was tender, and the sauce (I can't remember which I chose) only enhanced the flavor of the duck. It was the best duck I've eaten since my time in China. My potatoes were deliciously creamy and my only complaint would be that I could've eaten two portions of them! J's steak was also perfectly cooked and he loved the sauce that accompanied it. By the speed at which he ate his potatoes I'd assume he loved them as well!

Restaurant reviews for Klaipeda Lithuania

Where to eat in Klaipeda Lithuania

Where to eat in Lithuania

Eating out in Klaipeda Lithuania

La Maison du Croissant

In Lithuania it is notoriously difficult to find restaurants that serve breakfast. One morning; however, we happened upon La Maison du Croissant and treated ourselves to a tasty French breakfast. The interior of LMdC was super cute, and we probably would have opted to eat upstairs had we not had a stroller. I had a simple breakfast of multigrain porridge with coffee and J had a Croix Madame. He said that his sandwich was missing the sauce that traditionally covers the Croix Madame, yet he happily ate it nonetheless. La Maison du Croissant also serves lunch and dinner, so we will have to return to check it out!

French food in Klaipeda Lithuania

Eating at La Maison du Croissant in Klaipeda Lithuania

Breakfast restaurants in Klaipeda Lithuania

Stora Antis

During our last trip to Klaipeda back in 2013 we ate an incredible meal at Stora Antis. Both J and I were itching to return on this trip - I wanted the borscht so bad! Unfortunately, Baby ISO's bed time clashed with Stora Antis' off-season opening hours, so we were unable to revisit this restaurant. Bummer! Anyways, if you happen to visit Klaipeda you should make it over to Stora Antis for a meal. Their food is delicious and I remember the owner being very friendly - he shared a (free) Lithuanian shot with us! Hospitality at its best! The next time we are in Klaipeda we will certainly revisit Stora Antis!

Where to eat in Klaipeda Lithuania

The Details:

Below are the addresses and links for the restaurants I mentioned above.

Rene: Tiltu g. 13; website
Momo Grill: Liepu g. 20; website
Maison du Croissant: Turgaus g. 11; website
Stora Antis: Tiltu g. 6; website

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Have you been to Klaipeda? Where would you suggest eating? Where is the best duck you've ever eaten served?

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