Preparing for a Trip to Frankfurt, Germany

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Family travel to Frankfurt, Germany

I always like putting together these posts where I collect several of my favorite resources from the web for trip planning. Not only does it help me organize for the trip, but hopefully it helps you guys in your own trip planning when visiting the destinations that I share. Over the Thanksgiving holiday we are taking a family trip to Frankfurt, Germany. It will be our first flight and a great little test for us before our longer flight back to the US over Christmas. So far our plans for visiting Frankfurt include a trip to the Modern Art Museum, checking out the Christmas Market, enjoying coffee at several cafes, and trying to find some delicious international food. Do you have any suggestions for what else we should see, do, or eat in Frankfurt?

Over the past few days I've been practically stalking Kate's blog, Relokate, as she used to live in Frankfurt. She has many informative posts about this huge international city, and my favorite is her article on where to eat in Frankfurt.  Based on her tips I'm thinking Cafe Sugar Mama and Im Herzen Afrikas. Now I just need a suggestion for a great Asian restaurant. Any ideas?

The Frankfurt Christmas Market begins the weekend we're in Frankfurt and I'm pretty sure it will be awesome. I'm a lover of Christmas Markets and the photos on the Frankfurt Tourism Website have got me ready for the upcoming holiday season.

I love taking food tours and cooking classes whenever we travel. This food tour of Bahnhofsviertel (how do you even pronounce this?!) sounds delicious. Unfortunately there are no tours planned for the weekend we are visiting. If we return to Frankfurt I'll certainly check it out. If you happen to take this food tour I'd love to hear about it!

As you know, I'm a big time coffee drinker. The European Coffee Trip blog has done all of the leg work for me by listing their favorite cafes in Frankfurt. I'm hoping to visit Tortenengel and Aniis cafes.

Oh Asian food, how I love thee! Because there is a lack of great Asian food in Vilnius I always look for it during my travels. This is how I stumbled upon the blog 'A Sausage Has Two' and it's great post on Asian restaurants. Add those to the map!

More information about visiting Frankfurt, Germany:  

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If you have any pointers for visiting Frankfurt (or for flying with an infant) I'd love to hear them! Feel free to leave links in the comments below :)


  1. Hello! I was born in Frankfurt and moved to USA when I was three years old. Haven't been back there since 1989 after my last visit to my Oma and Opa. How much the travel flight cost now? I would love to move there someday! I wonder how many things had changed since 1989...

    1. I'm sure a TON has changed since 1989. You should go back to see it! The city really was wonderful to experience.