Travel Month - November 2015

Monday, November 30, 2015

Personal + Travel

This month, J and I finally made our way to the Kalvariju Market, where in addition to finding the cheapest potatoes and apples in the city, we also found some tasty fried meat pastries (see below). I also explored a new cafe during the few not rainy weekends and ate at several tasty restaurants during Vilnius Gastronomic Week.

We spent the recent Thanksgiving holiday in Frankfurt, Germany because of the awesome 20 euro flights we found. It was my first time visiting Germany and Baby ISO's first flight. I'll be talking more about both soon!

Christmas is coming around Vilnius and it is beautiful. I'm looking forward to the upcoming events  in Vilnius including a pop-up event featuring local artists and designers and a Christmas Bazaar. Maybe we will even get a tiny bit of snow to make everything look that much more festive.

Street art spotted on our walk to the Kalvariju Market


I've just finished up my stint writing a few articles on Pink Pangea: 5 Off The Beaten Path Destinations in Vilnius, Lithuania and A Chat about Road Tripping with a Baby. I also took one of Pink Pangea's free travel writing workshops and really enjoyed it. Have you taken any of their workshops? Which ones would you suggest?

Also, along with growing blogging and writing skills I've signed up for, and have slowly be working through a free blogging workshop by The Nectar Collective. Melyssa produces such excellent and helpful content that I always look forward to spending the few moments that I get to myself going through the material. I've also recently signed up for a free editing workshop that I'll begin working through when I get a chance.  If I end up liking the course I'll share it in one of my upcoming Travel Month posts.

I'm also thinking about making a few changes in my blog design to make things easier to navigate. Perhaps you can help by suggesting someone who can make drop down menus? If you'd like to see anything else design-wise please feel free to let me know in the comments or via email.

Looking Forward To

I'm both excited for and dreading heading back to the US to celebrate Christmas. The flight is long for adults, and I'm sure even longer for babies! I'm expecting to have many long nights while the baby and I recover from jet lag. It will be such fun though for Baby ISO to see his grandparents again and to meet the rest of the family!

How was your November? Are you traveling over the holidays?


  1. That pastry makes me miss all the little underground kiosks in the Moscow metro that sell all sorts of baked goods!

    And unfortunately, I will not be going anywhere over the holidays :( staying put this year, hoping for some little adventures early in 2016!

    1. I bet there are great pastries in Indy too! You'll have to search them out :)

      Will you stay in Indy for the holidays or visit family nearby? What adventures in 2016? I can't wait to hear about them!