The Little Hill With A Lot Of Crosses

Friday, November 6, 2015

We parked our rental car on the side of the street, right in front of some other parked cars, bundled Baby ISO into the stroller, and pulled out our cameras. Even from my first view of the hill I knew I'd be taking a ton of photos. It was much colder and darker than at our lunch stop an hour earlier and I wished that I hadn't left my hat in the car.  As we approached, I could see just how many crosses had been placed on the tiniest of hills (I really thought it'd be bigger). The crosses - homemade or store bought, natural color or painted - were so abundant that it seemed as though there was no space left. Prayer beads (rosaries?) were dripping off the crosses. The icy wind was making the prayer beads hit against their host creating an eerie clanking noise that enhanced the intensity of the hill.

The Hill of Crosses in Siauliai, Lithuania was the first stop on our first family road trip that we recently took from Vilnius to the Lithuanian coast. This destination had been on my bucket list since J and I first decided to move to Lithuania. I'm really glad we finally made the visit because the sheer number and variety of crosses on the hill was impressive.

The Details: Visiting the Hill of Crosses is free. If you'd like to add a cross to the hill you can bring it yourself or purchase a cross from the gift shop. We had a bit of a problem with using the GPS to get there (Google Maps is correct though!). On Tilzes Street (aka A12) go towards the Peter and Paul Church, pass the church, and continue down that road. You will pass a few graveyards and the see the gift shop, tour buses, and a parking lot on your left. The Hill of Crosses is slightly further and on the right hand side. 

With Children: If you want to walk to the top of the Hill of Crosses you should pop your baby in a carrier and leave the stroller in the car. The walk isn't terribly far and the hill itself is not stroller friendly (we took turns going to the top).

Have you visited the Hill of Crosses? What did you think?


  1. Whoa, very cool! I love how this looks from a distance!

    1. It was very powerful to see, both close and from a distance. You'll have to make a trip to LT someday!