This Is Not Another Gift Guide

Friday, November 27, 2015

It is the time for gift guides and holiday mayhem in this commercial world in which we live, and despite my love for Christmas, I'm not interested in sending out yet another gift guide into the interwebs. Instead, in light of the recent acts of terror and the ever-present, alarming gun problems in the US I'd like to daydream about a place, a world, where I'd like to live.

I'd like to live in a world where friends from different countries, colors, religions, and ideologies can discuss their differences over a cup of coffee.

Where schools are safe places for children to learn, grow, and excel. Where every child has the resources and teachers necessary to help them reach their potential.

Where parents or spouses don't need to worry if their loved ones will come home safely that night.

Where doctors and scientists have the equipment, funding, and creativity needed to cure the sick.

Where the only worry of extinction of flora or fauna comes through study of past events like the extinction of the dinosaurs or the dodo bird.

Where people can love who they love without fear, persecution, or hate.

Where water is potable and no one has to worry when their next meal will be.

Before we become wrapped up in the holiday season, I'd like for you to think about what type of world you'd like to live in and how that could be accomplished. Instead of sharing gift guides or getting caught up in the holiday rush I'm going to reflect upon ways that I can contribute to making this world resemble my daydream. So today, as I write this over my morning coffee, I'm going to give what I can to a charity that encourages reading and education. I know that this contribution is nothing near enough to help educate and better the world, but I'm sure even the littlest thing can help in some way. I hope that you'll consider contributing to making the world a safer place this holiday season.

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