Friday, October 2, 2015

My parents and sister (K) visited J, baby ISO, and I this past week and it was great! Of course the new grandparents and auntie were thrilled to meet our new baby. It was SO great having my family here for a handful of days. It was also fun to play tour guide, which allowed me to revisit the city with new eyes. I always love to play tourist and visit new places around Vilnius, but showing my family around really gave me a new appreciation for the city. My family and I took advantage of the beautiful fall weather (we were lucky!) and spent our afternoons wandering around the old town so I could show them my favorite places. We visited the beautiful St. Anne and Bernardine Church Complex, Uzupis, some of my favorite shops (for my shopping-loving sister), the KGB Museum, and the St. Peter and Paul's Church that has been on my Lithuanian Bucket List for quite some time. 

I wanted to remember and share our visit, so below I've shared some highs and lows from the week-long trip.

A Rough Start:

Unfortunately, my family missed out on 1.5 days because of a canceled flight with Finnair out of JFK. Just FYI the customer service at Finnair was absolutely terrible. After a nightmare of about 6 hours waiting in line after the canceled flight they were sent to a hotel for the night without a new booking. The next morning Finnair still was no help. Luckily they had booked through Travelocity who has great customer service and they were able to hop on a new flight that very evening.

Snippets from the Visit:

Walking to Peter and Paul Church (post to come soon). Our last night together, which spent at Alaus Biblioteka. Eating out at Keule Ruke. Their first meeting with the little one in their awesome hotel room in the Europos Royal Hotel. Finding a store with gorgeous dresses from a local designer near the Egg Statue.

St Peter and Paul's Church

Back alleys in Vilnius Old Town

More Time...

If you are looking for your own inspiration for a visit in Vilnius you may want more ideas of what to check out - we did start our wanders rather late each day. Had we had more time I would have sent them to the Vytautas Kausilis Art Museum, on a free walking tour of the city, and we would have visited Trakai. If you'd like to receive a free travel guide on Vilnius be sure to sign up for my monthly newsletter!

When you have visitors come to your expat home what do you show them? Doesn't it always feel like there isn't enough time?


  1. So cool you had your family visiting!! I love visitors! (just had my first non-family member visit CZ last week)
    The city I live in isn't so big on tourist sites but it means so much to show visitors the little things: where I shop, where I work, just areas of the town I like. Although it's probably much more exciting for them when we go to the big city (Prague)!
    Was it your parents' first visit to Lithuania? My husband's parents have never visited (much to his disappointment) and I always joke that if we had a baby it would be a pretty good incentive for them to finally take that trans-Atlantic flight! I mean, it's true.... ;)

    1. That is so nice that you had a friend visiting you! I think it is nice to be able to show people a bit of your daily life abroad. I brought my family with me grocery shopping and to my favorite farmers' market. It was my family's first visit to Lithuania! I honestly wasn't sure they would come but am so happy that they did! A baby is such a great reason for a visit ;)