Preparing for a Road Trip through Lithuania

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

A boardwalk leading to the Baltic Sea, Lithuania.

I'm stopping by quickly today to share some resources I've been using for preparing for our upcoming family road trip. This Sunday J, Baby in search of, and I are off on a road trip through Lithuania! We'll be visiting Siauliai (the fourth largest city in Lithuania), Klaipeda (on the Curonian Lagoon), and a few places on the Curonian Spit. We'll also probably check out Palanga and perhaps stop along the way. I'm so looking forward to experiencing some of the things on my Lithuanian Bucket List - especially swimming in the Baltic Sea - though I know I'm going to freeze my butt off!

I've actually found it a bit tricky to find resources to plan our trip through Lithuania, though the TrueLithuania website has a wealth of information on history and some general background. I'll certainly be reporting back with more to do, see, and where to eat when we get back!

The Say Labas Show Blog - They have a post about the Black Ghost statue in Klaipeda. I didn't see it (or know about it) during my last trip to Klaipeda, so I'm looking forward to it.

The TrueLithuania website has a tons of information about Klaipeda, Siauliai, and elsewhere in Lithuania. I'm using this site to get a general sense of each place we visit.

As usual, I checked In Your Pocket to read a bit about the cafe and restaurant scene. Now, I couldn't find anything for Siauliai, which I'm thinking is our lunch stop, but did find some awesome cafes for Klaipeda. I'm looking to visit Musangas Cafe to try Luwak Coffee and Kavos Architektai.

Do you have any tips for our trip?

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