Lithuanian Bucket List Update

Friday, September 11, 2015

So far so good! J and I have been making the most of the remainder of our time in Vilnius and have been slowly crossing off the items on our bucket list. Since writing this list back in March we've crossed off five items on our list and have detailed plans to visit four places during our October vacation road trip through Lithuania. For that we are thinking about experiencing the first four items on our list. Hopefully baby in search of will like road trips as much as we do!

Let's chat a bit about what we've experienced so far.

Visit the Hill of Crosses in ┼áiauliai
Stay the night in Nida on the Curonian Spit
Visit the Hill of Witches on the Curonian Spit
Go swimming in the Baltic Sea (brrrr!)
Take a hot air balloon ride over Vilnius
Visit Europe Park to see the permanent outdoor art exhibit
Take a guided tour of the Presidential Palace in Vilnius
Go into the Gates of Dawn in Vilnius
Visit the Artillery Bastion Museum in Vilnius
Take a Jewish History Tour
Get a passport stamp from the Republic of Uzupis
Visit the Church of St. Peter and Paul in Vilnius
Learn to make cold beet soup
Visit the Bee-Keeping Museum in Aukstaitija National Park


Europe Park: Europe Park (Europas Parkas) is a huge outdoor sculpture park located at the supposed center of Europe. Located slightly outside of Vilnius, it is best to pack yourself a picnic and use a car to get to the park.

Gates of Dawn: Ok, I'm cheating a bit on this one. I didn't actually go into the Gates of Dawn like I had initially planned. Instead I walked all around them and looked up into the chapel located in the Gates.

Artillery Bastion: Despite my lack of blog post on the Artillery Bastion, I visited back on a sunny spring day. Unfortunately, the Artillery Bastion is nothing to write home about and I honestly wouldn't suggest a visit. Though a very cool structure from the outside, there is little information (only one tv screen in fact) about the actual Artillery Bastion and no artifacts from the era. Unexpectedly, the inside only consists of about 10 huge, abstract paintings from local Lithuanian painters. That's all.

Passport Stamp from Uzupis: On April 1, despite the miserable weather, I strolled over to Uzupis to enjoy the beginning celebrations of the Uzupis Independence Day. I was discouraged by the folks welcoming people over the bridge into Uzupis from getting a passport stamp in my actual passport, but they were able to put it on a piece of paper instead. Very cool. This year I did have to work during the cooler parts of the celebration (a parade and a beer fountain), but I'm looking forward to participating in those celebrations next year!

Tour of the Presidential Palace: About a week before baby in search of decided to make a surprise appearance, J and I had scheduled a free tour of the Presidential Palace. The day of the tour both of us joked about the chance that my water could break during the tour - luckily nothing of the sort happened. I'll be posting more about what I thought about the tour next month - but in short, I wasn't blown away, nor was I disappointed. Overall - meh.

Do you have a bucket list for your current home?


  1. I think you've gotten quite a lot accomplished since March! xx

    1. Thank you! We still have quite a bit left to do, which I'm excited about. I'm also thinking of adding two more things to the list :)

  2. I've heard a lot about Uzupis before but don't really get it :D seems like such a utopia to me :D

    1. It is such a cool, artsy place in the city. I love wandering that area!

  3. It makes me remind so much of Poland :)

    1. Poland must be a beautiful country! I cannot wait to visit.

  4. Nice progress on that bucket list - I need to make one of those! There's a big head statue that looks like your picture in Krakow, FYI.

    1. I'm thinking about visiting either Krakow or Warsaw over Thanksgiving break this year. Do you have a preference? Where is the big head statue in Krakow (I wonder if it is the same sculptor)?

  5. It looks like you are doing awesome on your bucket list! I love having a bucket list to keep me motivated to try new things in my area.

    1. You are like the champion for local adventure in Iceland, so I'm sure you have been ticking off items left and right!