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Friday, September 4, 2015

A Russian Church in Vilnius, Lithuania

Surprisingly enough, the anniversary of my third year living in Vilnius, Lithuania has come and gone without much notice. Sure, I've had a ton of other exciting events going on (baby time!), but to at least give a nod to the city I've come to love. Our time here started out a bit tumultuously; however, J and I have grown to really appreciate the creative events and classes that we've been able to take part in. To re-cap a bit I thought I'd re-share five of my most popular posts about Vilnius, Lithuania.

A Tour of the Baltic Capitals: This post was a culmination of my visits in Riga, Tallinn, and wanders around Vilnius. I compared and contrasted the cities and highlighted some awesome things to experience in each.

My Lithuanian Bucket List: Still working my way through my Lithuanian Bucket list, this is a post that I often refer to myself. Since I wrote this post in March I've crossed off a few things on this and have plans for a big Lithuanian road trip coming up in October where I'll get to experience even more of Lithuania.

Coffee Enthusiasm: I've never met a group of people more passionate about coffee before moving to Vilnius. Cafes literally line every street and new ones are opening each month. Have you ever heard of coffee conferences, coffee tastings, or barista competitions? I certainly hadn't until enjoying them over the past two years.

12 Free Things to Do in Vilnius: As budget conscious travelers, J and I are always looking for free things to do both at home and while traveling. This post rounds up 12 free things that we've enjoyed experiencing in Vilnius.

Finding a Piece of Home in Vilnius: This post sums up my search for non-European food in Vilnius. I'm still searching for some more authentic Asian food (other than the great Korean place), but so far so good. If you have any pointers for Asian restaurants do let me know!

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Have you been to Vilnius? I'm always looking for great things to do around the city. What would you recommend doing here?


  1. So happy you found me on Twitter! And then when I saw your blog on the Blogging Boost FB page, came over to check you out! Yay, I have been looking for more expat blogs to read...! Having a snoop, but how did you end up in Lithuania?

    1. I love connecting with other bloggers - it's my favorite thing about blogging! I ended up in Vilnius because my husband got a job at an international school here and my job at the time was able to be done virtually. Luckily, Vilnius is a cool city to live in :)