The Land of Healthy Fast Food

Monday, August 24, 2015

Fresh soups, an olive oil filling station, frozen prepared meals, sandwiches made to order? Where is this magical land of healthy fast food?

It's Mystic Market in both Mystic and now in Old Saybrook, Connecticut. Mystic Market is a great spot for a quick, yet healthy meal on the go. They sell delicious prepared items to eat in store and frozen foods, like lasagna, to re-heat at home. The outpost of Mystic Market that recently opened in Old Saybrook is even better than the original. The restaurant is bright, airy, and looks like it came straight out of an interior designer's Instagram or Pinterest page. The food menu is extensive. For a quick lunch on the go, J and I shared a roast beef sandwich on a baguette and a bowl of broccoli cheddar soup. Both were delicious and were prepared quickly enough for anyone in a hurry. We've also previously purchased their frozen lasagna to re-heat for dinner and it was delicious.

With the baby coming any day now I wish there was a place like this in the Vilnius Old Town (maybe it could even deliver?!).

What do you eat when you are on the go?

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