Fort Griswold and School Trips

Friday, August 21, 2015

A tunnel at Fort Griswold State park in Connecticut

I'm pretty sure that every student in Connecticut has taken a school field trip to both Fort Griswold and Fort Trumbull at some point during their education. I know I've been several times. But just because I visited with school doesn't mean that I remember a whole lot from those trips (does anyone else have a hard time remembering details from elementary and middle school?). One morning J and I were brainstorming free things to do in Connecticut and we remembered back to our school trips and decided that it was high time for a revisit

Fort Griswold (and Fort Trumbull) are historic remainders from battles of the Revolutionary War that took place in Connecticut. The infamous (in CT at least) Benedict Arnold, leading British troops, captured Fort Griswold and killed about half of the American troops patrolling the area on September 6, 1781.

At Fort Griswold State Park you will see remainders of the fort including monuments, cannons, and man-made mounds of earth with tunnels. The park is open year-round and is free. On the grounds you  can also visit a tiny museum (also free) that contains both originals and replicas of artifacts found in the area. J and I also revisited the museum and I was amazed by how small the period clothes were (period clothes and ethnic clothes are my favorite displays in museums).

Monuments at Fort Griswold State Park

The entrance to Fort Griswold State Park

Bennedict Arnold and Fort Griswold

Bees pollinating Asclepus in Connecticut

A memorial to Col. William Ledyard at Fort Griswold

The Fort Griswold grounds

What school trips do you remember? Have you revisited any of the places you visited in school?


  1. I went back to the Reptile Park just outside of Sydney- I don't think it has been renovated since I went there in high school!

    1. I think it is cool to revisit places from school days - especially with my horrible memory of all things school trip related.