6 Cafes in SE Connecticut

Friday, August 14, 2015

Southeastern Connecticut, you are pretty lame when it comes to cafes. And don't even get me started on the cappuccinos! I've been completely spoiled by the awesome coffee culture in Vilnius and missed my time spent in cafes. Though the cafes are few and far between, I did manage to find a few reasonable cafes.

1) Muddy Waters, New London: Okay, I've talked enough about my love for Muddy Waters Cafe so I'll spare you today (posts here and here). Just go there and experience the awesomeness for yourself!

2) Green Marble, Mystic: The Green Marble is a small cafe in downtown Mystic that is always packed with locals and has event posters pinned up all over the walls. They serve brewed coffee and teas, bagels (meh - average), and pastries.

3) Bartlebees, Mystic: I've only been to Bartlebees once because I prefer that atmosphere and coffee at the Green Marble, which is almost directly across the street.

4) Ashlawn Farm Cafe, Old Saybrook: I've had take out coffee from Ashlawn Farm both in their cafe and at a stand at the Coventry Farmers Market. Ashlawn Farms roasts their own coffee, so you can expect some good brews.

5) Yellow House Cafe, Stonington Borough: What a cute cafe and light lunch spot! They had delicious bagels, nice drinks, and a cute atmosphere that I could imagine hunkering down with my laptop do get some work done in.

6) Vault Coffee Roasters, Mystic: A new spot located in Old Mystic Village that roasts their own coffee. Perhaps not a place to sit and work, but certainly a good spot if you need a caffeinated pick me up.

Where is your favorite cafe? What makes you like or dislike a cafe?

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