#CreativeLithuania: Uzupis Independence Day

Friday, May 8, 2015

Sometimes, living in Lithuania can be a challenge, so I wanted to focus on forgetting about the challenges and enjoying the positives. I've decided to start a monthly post (the second Friday of each month) on the more creative side of Lithuania. In previous posts I've written about Uzupis, which is truly a creative mecca. For this series I wanted to focus on creative events, unique aspects of the culture or language, and cool places that I find around Lithuania. If you have any suggestions I'd love to hear them!

If you would like to participate in sharing creative things about where you live, tag your photos on Instagram or tweets on Twitter with #CreativeLithuania or #CreativeLocale. I'd love to see the creative side of every country!

This month I had a hard time deciding what to write about for my monthly #CreativeLithuania post. Finally, I decided to share the Independence Day festivities for Uzupis Republic. These festivities take place each year on April 1 (even if April 1 falls on a weekday) and include receiving an Uzupis Republic stamp (not actually recommended for your passport), decorations, and outdoor music. The highlight of the festival; however, is the filling of the Uzupis fountain with delicious, flowing beer! Yes, a beer fountain! 

This April 1 I was able to pop over to Uzupis on my way to work to enjoy the decorations and receive a 'passport' stamp (one of my LT Bucket List items). Unfortunately, I couldn't stay for the beer fountain, but I certainly will make a point to see the beer fountain set-up and festivities next year.

What's been going on lately in your neck of the woods?