A Greek Food Bonanza

Monday, May 11, 2015

Sorry to those of you who follow me on Bloglovin'. I've been having an issue with my posts on bloglovin' and the bloglovin' crew replacing my blog with someone else's (and mine is now completely gone). I'm a bit frustrated as this is where the bulk of my traffic comes from, but hopefully everything will be sorted out soon.

Last week I wrote about an awesome new service for booking experiences (a perfect gift for someone getting married), gorgeous street art in Athens, and the colorful Uzupis Independence Day celebration, complete with a beer fountain.

Okay, after that little update of what's been going on lately, I want to chat about all of the delicious Greek food. After Chinese, Thai, and Vietnamese cuisine, my favorite is Greek cuisine. Oh, it is just glorious!

First up, tsaziki sauce - a refreshing cucumber yogurt sauce meant for dipping meat. Another delicious favorite, perfect for dipping into tsaziki, is souvlaki - grilled meats like pork, chicken, or lamb that you should liberally squeeze lemon over. Yum, Greek salad, traditionally made with lettuce, cucumbers, onions, tomatoes, peppers, topped with a big slice of feta cheese and dressed with oil, vinegar, and oregano. Now, lets talk lamb - stewed, sliced, or cooked over a spit it is all good. Another favorite of mine, both to cook and eat, is tiropita (cheese pie) made with filo dough, ricotta, feta, butter, and of course oregano. A variation of tiropita is similar, but made with added spinach - called spanikopita.

What is your favorite Greek food dish?


  1. I think your posts are showing up now! (At least this one did this morning!) I love tsaziki. I'd put it on everything if I could ;)

    1. Yes! Thanks for letting me know! I got an email yesterday saying that it was fixed, but I think I need to clear my bookmarks to see the change myself.

      I love tsaziki too, and it really isn't hard to make at home - so you could put it on everything if you wanted!