An Evening with BookALokal

Friday, April 17, 2015

I was looking for a cool experience to have in Athens and stumbled upon the website BookALokal. The cool experience I found came in the form of dinner at a local's house. In my opinion, home cooked meals are often 100 times more delicious than what you'll find at many restaurants. So, when I saw the option of having a home cooked meal at Marina's apartment in the center of Athens I jumped at it.

Marina picked us up directly at the subway stop and we walked the short walk together to her apartment. Upon arrival, she introduced us to her boyfriend, ushered us into the dinning room, and popped a glass of local white wine in J's hand. She then left us to chat away with her boyfriend while she putting the finishing touches on the appetizer - a zucchini and feta pie. Despite my many years eating and cooking Greek food, I'd never had a zucchini and feta pie and wow - what I had been missing! It was delicious. After more chatting, more wine, and the clattering of forks on our plates out came the next dish - lamb with leafy vegetables and an egg lemon sauce. Yum! I love lamb. While we were eating Marina, her boyfriend, and their friend who came to join us chatted about the special type of lamb and leafy vegetables they had purchased from the farmers market. Clearly, a lot of thought had gone into the choice of ingredients.

The highlight of the meal was warm halva with nuts, honey, jam, and dried fruit. This was easily the best halva I've ever eaten. It was perfectly sweetened and I'm just dying to try to make it myself at home.

Overall, I would rate this experience a 5/5. Marina, her boyfriend, and her friend were wonderful hosts, the food was incredible, and using BookALokal opened up a cool new option for our travels. I'd highly suggest checking out BookALokal to see if they have an experience near you. Also, if you happen to be in Athens, book a meal with Marina!

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  1. That halva looks incredible. We have done this a couple of times now. Most memorably before we moved to Denmark. We had a really lovely evening at a local families house, and whilst we ate their delicious food, their dog thought my husband's jumper was delicious (on the back of his chair!)... :D

    1. I'm glad to hear that you enjoy these types of experiences as well! I really enjoy meeting new people and BookALokal was a great way to find both interesting people and delicious food. I love the story about the dog and the sweater! Too funny!