St. Casimir Festival Take II

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Happy Lithuanian Independence Day!!!

Oh, the St. Casimir Festival (Kaziukas in Lithuanian)! My favorite festival in Vilnius! I love the Kaziukas festival because it makes me feel like spring is on its way (after a very long and dark winter) and it attracts many vendors that sell incredible goods. The fair also attracts 100,000 visitors, so you kind of need to plan your strolls through the market wisely, otherwise you just end up getting smushed by the huge crowds. For more information about the St. Casimir festival check out this post.

Luckily, this wasn't my first time around the St. Casimir festival (I went last year), so let me share a few tips that have made navigating the festival much more enjoyable.

1) Go Early! Friday, the first day of the festival, is the best day to visit the festival because all of the vendors are set up but there are fewer people around. If you can't visit on Friday, head out early in the morning.

2) Look for local handicrafts! At this time of year the hand-painted eggs are out in full force. This year I was also impressed with the uniqueness of the jewelry and the abundance of street food.

3) I'm a lover of colorful traditional outfits from all countries, and those from Lithuania do not disappoint. Keep an eye out for the the long skirts, head scarves, and woven belts.

4) Along with the wonderful traditional dress comes a rich selection of songs and accompanying dances. I'm working on putting together a video of some dancing this past weekend. I'll share it via social media when I'm done!

Do you like festivals?


  1. I love festivals - especially really local ones! x

    1. Me too! Any time there is a festival I'm ready to go!

  2. i love going to festivals too.. well ones that are not too crowded. :) if we weren't moving again in a month, i'd just buy everything up!

    1. I could have done some serious shopping damage there! Instead I just scoped things out for things I'd love to bring home next year!

      Do you know where you are moving to yet?