Restaurants in Vilnius: George and the Dragon

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

George and the Dragon (Jurgis ir Drakonas) sells the best pizza in all of Vilnius. I know, I know - a bold statement (but honestly not that hard to beat). They cook their pizza in a wood fire and have opened several storefronts around the city. Their pizza sold at festivals is just as good as their pizza in the shop - but do try to visit a shop!

The owner of George and the Dragon is a British expat who is married to a very famous Lithuanian cook (Beata Nicholson- like a Lithuanian Martha Stewart). You can see Beata's touches all over the menu, with special notes by her favorite options. The restaurant also serves salads, pasta, and desserts. I want some pizza!

Do you like pizza? Where is your favorite place to get pizza?


  1. Oh my gosh, this looks so good! The only good pizza place in Moscow was outrageously expensive so I'm happy to be back in America, land of plentiful pizza :)

    1. It was good! When we first moved to Vilnius we were really surprised to find that pizza was everywhere! People joke that it is the national Lithuanian food, because everyone loves it. Most of the pizza we tried here tasted like cardboard with ketchup for sauce, so we were thrilled to find this place!