Caffeine-Fix: Vilnius

Monday, March 16, 2015

In last Friday's #CreativeLithuania post I mentioned that Vilnius has some great cafes. So, I thought I'd take on the challenge of visiting the abundance of cafes and sharing my favorites. So, without further ado, here are my favorite places to get my caffeine-fix, people watch, and work in Vilnius.

Best Chain:

Coffee Inn. With its ubiquitous orange signs you won't miss this cafe- it is everywhere. As far as chains go, Coffee Inn goes out of its way to make its shops feel special- I like the Dalek in the cafe on Piles gatve. Tip: Try the mocha.

Most Unique:

Chaika. I love the kitschy interior- I'm talking fake grass on the wall and tables made from old street signs. They also serve amazing carrot cake (I don't normally even like carrot cake) and pretty tasty toasted sandwiches (in a country where most sandwiches are dripping with mayo).


Skalvijos. Part cafe and part cinema, this cafe serves its hot beverages in antique mis-matched china. Love it. They also display and sell art and photography from local artists. Pop in, see an art film and enjoy some coffee with your popcorn.


Best Work Environment/Best Cappuccino:

Mint Vinetu. Mint Vinetu is my favorite cafe for when I need to hunker down to do work. They also serve their cappuccinos in a bowl, which is perfect for those busy work days. They also sell a huge selection of used books.

Best Roastery:

Taste Map. This roasters recently opened a cafe storefront in a part of the city that desperately needed a cafe. They serve delicious cappuccinos and a small selection of cakes.

Best Coffee to Purchase:

Crooked Nose and Coffee Stories. Who doesn't like to bring home a souvenir from their travels? Crooked Nose and Coffee Stories roasts and blends coffee beans from all over the world and sells it a variety of shops around town. There coffee is my favorite coffee to brew at home. (Sold at Mint Vinetu and Chaika)

What is your favorite cafe in your area? What do you look for in a cafe?


  1. Man, Vilius' coffee game is ON-POINT! Our local cafe closed this summer and we have one shop with good coffee, but it's not the greatest place to sit around. I miss having a good coffee shop to set up in!

    1. It is So good. There aren't really any cafes around where my parents are in CT either. Maybe a new one will open near you!

  2. I love that "entrance to Narnia" sign. I'd go in just because of that! :)

    1. Yes! The sign changes, but that was the best one. It is wonderful inside the cafe as well.