Finding a Piece of Home in Vilnius

Monday, February 9, 2015

Lately, I have been craving some familiarity and here in Vilnius those cravings come in the form of non-Lithuanian foods. I'm talking ingredients to make favorites at home and restaurants with foreign food. If you happen to be in Kunming, China looking for a taste of home check out this post.

Foreign Groceries

Eastanbul: Some friends recently introduced me to the wonder that is the Turkish market - Eastanbul. They carry filo dough, numerous spices, and the ingredients to make hummus. Yum! Note: Eastanbul is located inside of the large building called Ibrahim.

Delicious homemade cheese pie!

Biosala: As the name suggests, Biosala carries only natural products and has a wide array of products that are hard to find elsewhere.

Marks and Spencer: Yes, this British store can be found in Vilnius - and they have a grocery store! They carry freshly made croissants, granola, canned soup, and other British snacks.


Mahgrib: I'm no expert on Moroccan food, but everything J and I ordered at Mahgrib was absolutely delicious.

Taste: Korean food in Vilnius! I had the bibimbap and it was similar to what I've tasted in both the US and China. Yum!

Yum Cha: After my terrible experience with Chinese food in Vilnius last year, I gave up on trying any Asian. While I was away in Rome; however, J went out and had a feast on dim sum at this new restaurant. He suggests avoiding the main meals and stick to dim sum.

Vegafe: I love Vegafe! This is a vegetarian and vegan friendly restaurant that serves Mediterranean and Tibetan food. I also love their tea.


Cafe Montmartre: Feel like being transported to France for breakfast while in Vilnius? Of course!

Boom Burger: Perhaps the best burgers in the city! Boom Burger has burgers made with fresh beef and even has onion rings. Yum!


Where do you find the comforts of home?


  1. I'm pretty surprised by the Marks & Spencer! xx

    1. I know! It is great to have, because they carry brown sugar, powdered sugar, and other more difficult to find baking goods. It is much pricier than a regular grocery store though.

  2. Vilnius sounds like it has a pretty sweet selection of food. The Korean food, the vegan café, the French bistro ... be still my heart!

    1. There are some really excellent restaurants here in Vilnius!