13 Free Things To Do In Vilnius

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Vilnius is already a European budget destination. Coffee generally costs about 1.50 Euro, full dinners are often around 10 Euros (unless you eat at the more expensive restaurants in town), and admission into most museums is affordable (the KGB Museum is a must visit!). If you are looking to extend your budget even further there are numerous free things to do around the city.

1) The Vilnius Free Walking Tour. The Vilnius Free Walking Tour (also available in other cities) is a three hour free tour that takes you to less-well-known areas of Vilnius. I took this tour in the late fall last year and absolutely loved it. The tour guide was wonderful and she introduced us to many facts about Vilnius and about Lithuanian culture that I hadn't previously learned about. I highly recommend this tour!

2) Cathedral Square and the Vilnius Cathedral. Vilnius Cathedral is free to enter and both the interior and exterior are beautiful. Cathedral Square surrounds the Cathedral and is a popular place to spend time. Cathedral Square is also one of the main areas for free events that happen around the city.

3) Uzupis Constitution. Uzupis named itself a a republic of Vilnius in 1997 and is filled with art galleries and restaurants. Uzupis has its own constitution with interesting rules such as "Everyone has the right to be unique." April 1 is Uzupis Day where you can celebrate Uzupis independence with a passport stamp, free activities, and a fountain full of beer.

4) The Hill of Three Crosses. Overlooking the Vilnius Old Town is a hill bearing three white crosses. The hike up to this hill and the overlook is completely free. The hike is short and the view of the city is beautiful.

5) Gediminas Tower. To get another free view of Vilnius Old Town, take a stroll up to the Gediminas Tower. Entering the tower costs a few euro, but it is free to wander the grounds and walk up the hill. Another perfect place to view Vilnius from above.

6) Bernardine Cemetery. The Bernardine Cemetery is one of the oldest cemeteries in Vilnius and if you have the time, is a perfect place to wander. The cemetery is unruly, hilly, and under reconstruction making it even more unique.

7) Vingis Park. If you are craving some time away from the city, but don't want to travel far, head to Vingis Park. Vingis Park is a bit of a walk (about 30 minutes) from the Old Town, but is a completely free and very larger park (with botanical garden and skate park).

8) Take a Self-Guided Street Art Walking Tour. There are some awesome pieces of street art around Vilnius that were created by famous street artists including my favorite, Millo. I've compiled a huge list and map of some great street art pieces around the city. See more here!

9) Literatu Street. Literatu Street holds a permanent outdoor gallery that highlights the works of local authors and authors who wrote famous books in Lithuania.

10) Street Fairs and Outdoor Events. Vilnius is awesome when it comes to street fairs and free events. Almost every weekend in the summer and fall sees some kind of street fair with entertainment. To find free events check out the Vilnius Events webpage.

11) Gates of Dawn. The Gates of Dawn is the last surviving old city gate of a wall that surrounded the entire Old Town. Inside of the Gates of Dawn is a chapel that holds a famous icon.

12) Bernardine and St. Anne's Church. Visiting any church in Vilnius is free (unless you take a guided tour), but this church complex just happens to be my favorite. Just look at that incredible brick and stucco exterior! The inside (especially the ceilings) is just as incredible!

13) Street Art in Uzupis. I love Uzupis. I love the street art, the art galleries (free to enter!), and the cool little shops that keep popping up (every time I'm in Uzupis there is a new store opening). If you like quirky places with off-beat art (A stuffed unicorn with boobs that sits like a person?) you will love Uzupis.

Would you visit Vilnius? What budget friendly things do you like to do in your area?


  1. These are fab tips - how long would you recommend a visit here - is it a long weekend kind of trip?

    1. If you are just planning on visiting Vilnius a weekend trip would be perfect. If you'd like to visit Vilnius and some surrounding (Klaipeda and Trakai) areas then I'd suggest a week. You could easily do everything I listed in a weekend or long weekend!

  2. I'm seriously considering touring Eastern Europe soon. There have been so many posts on so many destinations in the East recently plus I'm broke so it would be perfect! And Vilnius seems beautiful :)

    1. Lithuania is perfect for if you are a broke student! There are so many free and cheap things to do. Plus food is cheap and delicious. Latvia was more expensive when we visited in 2013 and its possible that I'm going to Tallinn next month so I'll let you know about that.

  3. so great to remember! thanks!

    xo welltraveledwife.com

    1. Of course! If you do make it to Lithuania and have any questions I'd be happy to help!