Hotel Review: Rome

Monday, January 26, 2015

Just over two weeks ago I hopped a Ryan Air flight to Rome to visit my parents who were in Rome for work. My parents were put up at the Hotel Commodore at the St. Maria Maggorie Church, where I promptly booked a room. 

The single room was very clean and simply furnished. The staff was incredibly friendly and helpful, even providing nearby restaurant suggestions. Additionally, the hotel was located across the street from the beautiful St. Maria Maggorie Church and only about a 5 block walk away from the Colosseum. The hotel is also about three blocks away from the Rome Termini Train Station, which makes it easy to get to and from the hotel and the airports. You can even see the St. Maria Maggorie from the breakfast room. I loved the area that this hotel was in and have no major complaints about my hotel stay.

My only minor critiques were that both online and advertised in the hotel was a bar that served drinks and snacks in the evenings. Unfortunately, this was not open during our stay - perhaps because it was the off season? Additionally, I got very bored of the free breakfast very quickly. I'm a pretty simple breakfast eater (cereal and milk or toast) but I found the bread a bit to crusty to eat and the milk was warmed (yuck). These critiques were so minor that I would stay at this hotel again and recommend it to a friend.

Hotel Details: Hotel Commodore at the St. Maria Maggorie located on Via Torino 1. Single Rooms: about 50 Euro per night.


Where do you suggest staying in Rome?

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