Street Art in Copenhagen

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

geometric street art covering the side of a building in Copenhagen

Upon arrival in Copenhagen I could just feel the creativity and open-mindedness bursting out around every corner. Creativity was especially evident in the street art that was found often covering whole buildings. I always love looking for street art when I'm traveling, and this time I was able to find building-sized murals all over this awesome city. 

I know that I'd love to live in a building decorated as beautiful as some of these buildings in the photos below! Would you? My favorite piece from the street art I saw in Copenhagen is the white building that has three sections covered in coordinating designs. It's simple, yet cool.

a photograph of the #happywall in Copenhagen
Construction turned into a street art message wall!

a moon and city painting on the side of a building in Copenhagen

a worm incorporated with lettering in Copenhagen

felix the cat and designs on a wall in Copenhagen

a pastel colored mural in copenhagen
 people floating with umbrellas painted on a  wall in copenhagen

street art in a skate park in copenhagen
Street art in a skate park

three sets of street art on the sides of a white building in copenhagen
 a cute alien painted on the side of a building in copenhagen

strange looking animals painted in earth tones on a building in copenhagen

happy people and animals painted on the side of a building in copenhagen

women turing into pigs or animals in copenhagen

street art near Christiania
Street art near Christiania

faces and shapes mural in copenhagen

a skeleton mural in copenhagen

a street art outdoor gallery in copenhagen

Do you like street art? What is your favorite piece here?

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  1. I like how cheerful most of it seems! My favourite is the one that's third from the bottom! x

    1. I like that one too! Yes, all of the paintings are so happy and bright. It was great!

  2. Utterly fantastical (and I adore your blog header btw, it's too cute!)

    1. Thank you! My husband made the header for me but the name was all me :)

  3. Yay, street art! I love seeing the mix of legal/illegal projects running through a city!

    1. I know! I absolutely love that aspect of street art.

  4. I honestly can say, I have never seen such stark contrast between architecture and art in a city setting. Wow, that is opposite ends of the spectrum!

    Beautiful photos.


    1. Thank you. I really enjoy capturing and looking for street art wherever I go. The buildings in Copenhagen were stunning as was the street art.

  5. That is so pretty! Such a great place!

  6. I love walking around cities graffiti-spotting. It's a great way to discover unknown corners of the city.