Restaurant and Shopping Suggestions for Copenhagen

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Oh my. The food and shopping in Copenhagen was so good. There are so many fabulous restaurants to chose from and of course, a variety of price ranges. Denmark is also known for its Scandinavian design, which was clear by wares in the incredible shops. For the post below I've separated delicious restaurants into categories. Check it out below!

a blog post about food and shopping in Copenhagen

Cafes and Bakeries

Strangas Dessert Boutique (Aboulevard 7) was right around the corner from our AirBnB apartment. We ate at Strangas for breakfast on our first morning in Copenhagen and we were so pleased with the food and the friendliness of the owner (Stranga himself). Strangas Dessert Boutique sells breakfast pastries, cakes, coffee, and beautiful looking sweets. The restaurant is also very beautiful and super Instagramable!

traditional danish pastries from Strangas Dessert Boutique in Copenhagen

Strangas Dessert Boutique in Copenhagen was delicious

Ricco's Cafe (Studiestraede 24) is a small chain with a very relaxed atmosphere and free wifi. The coffee was good!

red chairs outside of Ricco's Cafe in Copenhagen

While wandering and doing a bit of shopping around Copenhagen J and I stumbled upon Serenity Cupcakes. Seriously, some of our unexpected finds are truly the best. Serenity Cupcakes is a beautiful shop and the flavors are really creative! We had autumn flavored cupcakes and loved them!

two cupcakes on a black table at Serenity Cupcakes in Copenhagen

We stopped in Andersen Bakery (Bernstoffsgade 5) after our fabulous trip to Helsingor, as this bakery is right across the street from Copenhagen Central Station. We had this wonderful chocolate concoction below. So yummy! 

An incredible chocolate Danish pastry

Food Halls

I have always loved food markets and Torvehallerne is one of the best (PS Thanks Emma for catching my spelling :)).  Torvehallerne is made up of two halls and is composed of numerous individual vendors. My favorites were Summerbird Organic (licorice sweets), the Coffee Collective (amazing coffee), Brioche Doree (sweets), and several others. Which shops are your favorite?

a view from across the street of Tivolihallern

food markets in Copenhagen

inside of Tivolihallern in Copenhagen

a roast beef open faced sandwich in Tivolihallern in Copenhagen

the white cups in the Coffee Collective in Copenhagenlicorice teas in Copenhagen
a licorice ghost from Summerbird in Copenhagen

licorice sweets in Copenhagen

Papiroen is a collective of different food trucks in an old warehouse. The trucks and stands are all creatively decorated and the numerous picnic benches are light by candles. I had an incredible pumpkin stew from Copper and Wheat. Just be aware that the prices are a bit higher than elsewhere. 

Papiroen street food  market in Copenhagen

inside the food market of paprioen

casual dining in Paprioen

dogs are allowed in Paprioen, Copenhagen

pumpkin stew in Paprioen food hall

burgers at Paprioen


J and I didn't go into Tivoli Gardens, but we did make it a point to stroll by the gates. On our stroll we stopped at the restaurant Tivoli Hallen. Tivoli Hallen seemed very popular for business people and had a very plush interior. As usual, I ordered a roast beef open-faced sandwich and a shot of some type of homemade liquor. It was great!

Tivoli Hallen restaurant in Copenhagen

a roast beef open faced sandwich

beer and hard liquor in Copenhagen

I aimed to visit Foderbraettet because of a recommendation an EssieButton vlog. Foderbrattet is a gourmet hotdog restaurant with creative choices and amazing side orders. I would highly recommend this restaurant to anyone visiting Copenhagen.

Special hotdogs in Copehagenthe danish love hotdogs

corn on the cob in Copenhagen

Auto (Griffenfeldsgade 22) was the last restaurant we visited during our trip to Copenhagen. It was a casual restaurant with a fun atmosphere relatively close to our AirBnb.

Design Stores

Notre Dame (Norregade 7) is an incredible home accessories store that kind of made my head spin in wonder.

the outside of the store of Notre Dame

Across the street from Notre Dame is Le-Bix (Norregade 4). Le-Bix is another design store that appears to specialize in drawer pulls, door knobs, and coat hooks. Everything in the store is color coordinated and incredibly creative. When I have a house someday I will be looking up their website!

The oust die of Le Bix design store in Copenhagen

a wall of knobs in Le Bix

Where do you suggest to eat or shop in Copenhagen?


  1. Replies
    1. It was so good! A bit dark inside though - hence the really crappy photos.

  2. I LOVE That you showcased the Anderson bakery. They have a huge selection of gluten free and I personally found them reasonably priced compared to the rest of Copenhagen. A few places on your list were also on mine when we went but we didn't manage to's a reason to go back!

    1. I would love to go back! My husband also usually east gluten free so we look for places that offer this as well. I loved the Anderson bakery!

  3. This post made me so nostalgic for the time we spent there, two years just went too quickly! I completely miss the wienerbrod, and the smorrebrod too! :)

    1. The smorrebrod and wienerbrod were just so good. And of course, all of the licorice in everything. I could imagine that any time spent visiting or living there would just go by too fast since there are so many wonderful things!