Preparing for a Trip to Budapest

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

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Merry Christmas Eve! I'm excited for Christmas - my favorite holiday of all time! I hope you have a wonderfully festive day.

As you are reading this I am enjoying my first day in Budapest, where I'll spend Christmas. I've never visited Budapest before and this is my first Christmas away from home, so certainly this will be an interesting trip. Similarly to my trip planning for Prague, I'm sharing five resources that I've found helpful for preparing for Christmas in Budapest.

1) Adelina from Pack Me To lived in Budapest for a few years so she has Tips Galore. Here are my favorite posts from her site: 10 Things to do in Budapest, Food!, Tips for visiting the Thermal Baths.

2) There are some great tips for visiting the Budapest Christmas Market on the Souvenir Finder website.

3) Budapest Spotted by Locals also has a huge wealth of information about where to eat, drink, shop, and visit. I'm really interested in visiting Litea (a book store), Cafe Alibi (it looks so cozy!), Hummus Bar (it is hard to find hummus and falafels in Vilnius), and Insitu - a cool design shop.

4) Of course I turned to one of my favorite travel blogs, Travelettes, to check out there posts on Budapest. From Travelettes I learned about the cool labyrinth under Buda Castle- which unfortunately has been permanently closed (still cool to see the photos though).

5) Last but certainly not least I checked out to see what they suggested. Here, I read about the Ethnographic Museum, which I've added to my list of things I'd love to see.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas Eve and Christmas. Merry Christmas!!

Do you have any other tips for visiting Budapest?


  1. I just booked a flight to Budapest this morning - THANK YOU! :D

    1. You will have a lot to read about soon! Merry Christmas :)

    2. Glad I will have tips from both of you by the time I go in April :)

    3. Me too! Hopefully I'll have some good restaurant suggestions. I'm also blown away by the vintage shopping here ladies. Everything's been closed the past two days, but I'm so visiting all of the vintage stores today/Saturday. Also, FYI be careful with AirBnB places because certain areas are very very loud (we are finding this out the hard way).