Helsingor, Denmark

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The streets of Helsingor, Denmark and the colorful houses

I've been having such a hard time writing this post because Helsingor was just so good! Helsingor, Denmark is one of those places that just came up and surprised me. Before visiting Helsingor I didn't know anything about it - just visited on a whim.

I have so much to write (and SO many photos) about Helsingor that I'm going to break this into two posts. This post is going to focus on the winding streets of Helsingor and the Kronborg Castle. The next post (next Monday) will focus on other awesome highlights that made Helsingor so wonderful.

colorful and crowded streets of Helsingor, Denmark

green, yellow, and orange homes by the seaside town of Helsingor

Helsingor (pronounced Elsinore by people from English speaking countries) is in the north of Zealand Island of Denmark and is famous for the Kronborg Castle. The Kronborg Castle was made famous by William Shakespeare as he set Hamlet at this castle.

Helsingor was founded in 1420 by the Danish King, Eric of Pomerania and has valuable for its ports and close physical proximity to Sweden. The buildings of Helsingor are wonderfully colorful and many of the streets are walking only, which makes it easy to see everything by foot. When you are exploring, be sure to keep an eye out for the street art that covers utility boxes and alleyways.

a brick church in helsingor, denmark

street art in an alleyway in helsingor

street art in an alleyway peaking into a brick church

a colorful yellow house in helsingor from the 1700s

Kronborg Castle, a Unesco World Heritage Site, used to be the stronghold in the north of Denmark. The Castle was built in the 1400s by King Eric of Pomerania and lived in by various other royalty until 1785. Following this period, the castle was used by the army, but has since been restored and turned into a museum.

The Kronborg Castle is the best castle I've ever visited. The information in the castle provided history about the royalty who lived or visited the castle and showed how they lived. The castle was kept perfectly and was decorated as they would have been through the years. Additionally, the castle grounds were stunning (even in the foggy weather) and you could wander them freely.

The Kronborg Castle offers guided tours (you can even see a Hamlet tour) year round or you opt to wander the interior of the castle yourself. Don't miss out on visiting the casemates under the castle so you can see the giant statue of Holgor the Dane. It is said that Holgor will awake if is country ever faces danger.

Tickets to visit the entirety of the Kronborg Castle cost 80 DKK (13.23 USD) for adults and the Castle is open from 9:45 am to 5 pm. For current information check the website.

the kronborg castle grounds in helsingor

peaking into the kronborg castle in helsingor

a table set with food in the helsingor castle

a bed fit for a king in kronborg castle

Holgor the Dane under the kronborg castle

Getting to Helsingor from Copenhagen:

To get to Helsingor, J and I took the train from the Copenhagen Central Station to Helsingor Station. The trip took about 45 minutes and was the trains are easy, comfortable, and clean.


Have you been to Helsingor before? What place snuck up and surprised you?


  1. I've never been, but it looks like a cute little town to visit. The castle looks so romantic in the mist :)

    1. It was such a lovely town. I really would love to go back!

  2. Helsingor is such a fantastic place to visit. We used to go at least twice a month and either wander the town or visit the castle... Before we left Copenhagen we managed to see the Royal Shakespeare company do Hamlet in the courtyard too, very atmospheric! :)

    1. That would be a very cool experience to see Hamlet in that very castle. I really loved Helsingor and feel like it would be a nice place to live.

  3. I spent 8 days in Helsingor last August and I fell in love with the town . I can hardly wait to return this year !

    1. I really want to return to Helsingor as well. You must have really discovered a lot of the city in 8 days! Do you have any tips or suggestions for what to do/see in the city or where to eat? I'd love to hear them!