A Day Trip to Malmo

Friday, December 5, 2014

During my recent trip to Copenhagen I took a day trip to Malmo, Sweden. It was a perfect day trip and great way to experience a small taste of Sweden.

Prior to the trip, I scoured the blogosphere and websites to find out more about Malmo. Van has a great post about Malmo, but I had a hard time finding other information about this little city. So, without further ado, here's what I enjoyed most about Malmo. I hope this will help you to plan your future travels to this unique city. Let me know if you know of any other resources about Malmo in the comments below!

an old style windmill at the Malmo house castle

The Malmo Old Town is not huge, but has some great highlights. At this time of year (is it every time of year?) Malmo was pretty quiet, which made it feel even more off of the beaten path. It is very easy to walk from the train station to the Old Town and other parts of the city. Pick up a free map from the tourism office right near the train station!

After picking up the map I strolled to the Malmo Old Town and enjoyed the architecture of the buildings surrounding Lilla torg, Stortorget, and Gustav Adolfs torg. I found the architecture to be very different from what I saw of Denmark. Many of the buildings were built in the 16-18 century and I particularly loved the old merchant buildings with the old-style exposed front beams (not sure what that architecture style is called).

As I walked through Old Town I enjoyed stopping in The English Shop, which carried all things British - particularly food. I also coveted everything in the Formargruppen (FG), which is a local arts and crafts shop (Engelbrektsgatan 8 / Lilla torg). 

the roads leading up to Malmo Old Town

Stortorget in Malmo

The Malmo City Hall

Lilla Torg
 Lilla Torg in Malmo

The English Shop in Malmo

Formargruppen, a local arts and crafts store, in Malmo, Sweden

nice pastel street art in Malmo
 Malmo old town

the empty streets of Malmo old town

cool street art in Malmo Old Town

After my fill of window shopping and my stroll around Old Town I made my way to Malmohus Castle and Museum. The Castle Park (Sottsparken) was lovely to visit even on a rainy day. In the Castle Park is an old-style windmill, which I was all about taking photographs of.

For a brief escape from the rain, I decided to visit the Malmohus Castle, which was built in 1434 and was remodeled several times since. As far as castles go, this wasn't the most impressive I've seen, but I did really enjoy the castle grounds. Tickets to visit the museum inside the castle weren't particularly expensive, so I (J too!) decided to check it out. Perhaps we should have skipped this though. The organization of the museum collections was very confusing and I didn't find the exhibitions all that interesting. Maybe the visit to the museum inside the Malmohus Castle is not a must-do for Malmo.

a bridge to the Kings Park in Malmo

an old-style windmill on the Kings Garden Castle grounds in Malmo

The Malmohaus Castle

Our exploration of Malmo continued with a visit to Triangeln Mall and Mollevangstorget (the International Market). The Triangeln Mall was really awesome, but we didn't stay for long because I was starting to get hangry (terrible but true). The sellers at Mollevangstorget were starting to pack up as we arrived, but luckily there was a Greek gyro restaurant right near the square. It was perfect for a quick lunch. 

The next destination that I was itching to see was St. Peter's Church, which is the oldest building in Malmo. Funnily enough though, I mistakenly saw the large St. Paul's Church on the map and thought that I had the name wrong in my notes of places to see. So, I saw St. Paul's Church instead of St. Peter's Church. Oh well!

St. Paul's Church, with its cool silver roof almost blended into the dreary color in the sky. St. Paul's Church was really beautiful from the outside and I was just as happy to see this church. 

The Silver Roof of St. Paul's Church

The silver dome of st. paul's church blending into a grey sky

graveyard for St. Paul's Church in Malmo

A straight row of trees in St. Paul's Church, Malmo

Princess Cake and delicious treats were absolutely necessary to fuel the wander through Malmo. I didn't eat all of these cakes myself - J and I shared! We unanimously loved the Princess cake, which the bakers had to make on the Great British Bake-Off this past season. Because we were in Malmo on Halloween the Princess cake was orange instead of green. These cakes were from Ambrosia's Cafe on Hamngatan, which leads to Stortorget.

princess cake, cinnamon bun, and carrot cake from Ambrosia cafe in Malmo


Have you been to Malmo? What tips do you have for visiting this city?


  1. Wow! It looks like you had the city to yourself! That's awesome that you can just take a day trip to Sweden :)

    1. Seriously, the city felt really deserted, but I liked it anyways. I thought it was great to be able to take a day trip to Sweden as well!

  2. Replies
    1. I loved the windmills as well! It's the first time I've seen anything like it.

  3. It looks just like a movie set with the gorgeous buildings and near total lack of people!

    1. It does! The only place that was crowded was the cafe we ate in.

  4. I really need to visit Malmö again next year and I still need to write a couple of posts on the city, thanks for reminding me, haha :D

    1. I really wanted to see the bridge after you talked about it, but it was a bit far of a walk for a rainy day. I'd like to visit again too!

  5. oh, the colors! so pretty. have I mentioned how much I love your new blog name too? loove it!

    1. Thank you! The old town was really beautiful. I loved those old style buildings with the nice colors and the wood sides!

  6. Those cakes!! We used to go to Malmo to do our grocery shopping believe it or not. Not every week, perhaps once a month, but Denmark doesn't really have huge supermarkets. We would always go into Malmo afterwards and have lunch somewhere and wander its pretty streets! :)

    1. I am dreaming about those cakes...Are the groceries in Sweden also cheaper than in Denmark? I felt like the prices were a bit better in Malmo compared to Copenhagen in regards to food and other stuff.